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The most common orthopedic injuries we see in moms & how to prevent them!

In honor of Mother’s Day, the team at Coastal Orthopedics thought they’d give some helpful hints to all those hard working moms out there! Whether you stay at home or work full time, motherhood can take a toll on your body. Here are some of the most common orthopedic injuries we see in moms.

10 Reasons Why GCA of CT is Great for Kids

It’s Fun Develops strength Develops Flexibility Develops Coordination Teaches Listening Skills Gain Self-esteem and Confidence Provides social interaction with peers Teaches goal setting Develops cognitive abilities in the classroom Develops skills to enhance other...

How to avoid Email Hackers – tips from Genius on the Go

Genius on the Go’s tips on how to avoid email hackers   Email Spoofing/Phishing is a method where hackers trick users to think an email is coming from a legitimate source (Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, etc) to capture sensitive information such as Usernames, Passwords,...

Ask a Pediatric Specialist – Pediatric Minute

Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital is excited to announce the summer debut of a health education video series for parents, “Pediatric Minute”.  We want to provide relevant information so we’re polling the LocalMomsNetwork for questions that you may have for our pediatric specialists.

Best facial moisturizers for any skin-type!

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin types, we have some great facial moisturizer recommendations for you provided by Danielle Munday PA-C & Lisa Sheehan PA-C from Connecticut Dermatology Group! Protect your skin Moms!

Do Toddlers Get Concussions? What are the Signs & Symptoms?

There is an abundance of information about concussions in school age kids and teenagers, but we don’t hear much about toddlers. What happens when your three year old falls off the slide? Or when your 18 month old relatively new walker bumps his head into the coffee table?

Screen Time: 9 Ways To Help Your Kids Form A Healthy Relationship With Tech

In this day and age, expecting your kids to never lay eyes on a screen is probably unrealistic. Many schools are even incorporating them into the curriculum. But research shows that kids under 8 are using mobile devices more than 2 hours a day (despite the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation for kids under 18 months being no screen time at all and kids under).

The Press Pause Project: CBD Products Created By Women, For Women

Recently, we heard about The Press Pause Project, a line of CBD rich products made for and by women. Their mantra—asking women to “take a moment and press pause”—spoke to us, as did their line of organic, fully-tested and certified, CBD-infused products, which include creams, capsules, a tea and more.

Skin-related tips & tricks for keeping your little ones safe!

We all want to keep our kids safe and healthy, but we especially need to take care off their very delicate skin! Here are great skin-related tips and tricks for taking care of your little ones from CT Derm expert, Dr. Elizabeth Gaines-Cardone!

Paper Greats: Pretty Paper Goods That Will Give You Back Time

On the website for their new paper goods company, Paper Greats, CT-based founders Heather Terry and Selina Fletcher write: “Life is short—let us take something off of your plate and put it on ours.” You don’t have to ask us twice—and we’re already huge fans of their...

A New Subscription Service Gets Personal

These days, you can get subscriptions sent to your home for everything from steaks to flowers. And naturally, we’re all about them—because what mom doesn’t have a soft spot for something that helps eliminate one more errand on a never-ending list? That’s why we wanted...

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