10 Reasons Why GCA of CT is Great for Kids

It’s Fun Develops strength Develops Flexibility Develops Coordination Teaches Listening Skills Gain Self-esteem and Confidence Provides social interaction with peers Teaches goal setting Develops cognitive abilities in the classroom Develops skills to enhance other...

Smart & easy tips to de-clutter your home from ShelfGenie!

When you’re surrounded by clutter, it’s hard not to feel anxious or stressed. In fact, 84 percent of Huffington Post survey participants said they worry about organization in their homes. Stress can weigh greatly on your health, but fortunately there are...

Fairfield Health & Fitness Expo

Learn more about self-care and how to stay healthy from these local health experts, fitness centers and much more! Plus, activities for the kids coordinated by the Fairfield YMCA and sound Runner!

HomeSquare: Helping Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams!

If you have a bathroom in need of remodeling you might be cringing at the thought of how long the work can take, the expense and the return on investment. Fortunately, with proper pre-planning, and making sure you have decisions made in advance and materials on hand when you need them, you can do your part to prevent any unseen delays.

Style Reform: Leggings & Beyond

For most moms, leggings are not only a wardrobe staple, they’re a daily essential. And when Style Reform founder Christy Teloh realized she was wearing leggings every day but the quality of materials and styling weren’t up to her high-end fashion background standards,...

Window Treatments – Lion’s Paw & Co.

Anna Nowak, the owner of the Lion's Paw & Co., knows a thing or two about Interior Design. Lion's Paw has been in Fairfield for the past 7 years, first on Donnelly's Walk, and now at 1552 Post Road. They began with window treatments, carrying textiles, and wall...

New Year, New YOU – Health & Wellness Guide!

Introducing our NEW YEAR, NEW YOU Health & Wellness Guide!  Below you will find some amazing fitness groups / studios, wellness companies and health products that we are highlighting!

How to Style a Festive Bar Cart

If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year, stocking the bar is likely a priority. But in this Instagram age, why not make the cocktail setup as beautiful as it is functional?

Paper Greats: Pretty Paper Goods That Will Give You Back Time

On the website for their new paper goods company, Paper Greats, CT-based founders Heather Terry and Selina Fletcher write: “Life is short—let us take something off of your plate and put it on ours.” You don’t have to ask us twice—and we’re already huge fans of their...

Fjällräven Gift Guide: Warm, Functional & Stylish Essentials

When giving clothing or accessories, we’re always looking for pieces that are made well and will last for years. From a go-anywhere backpack to a warm coat that will never go out of style, these gifts from our favorite Swedish brand fit the bill and are guaranteed to be winners.

A New Subscription Service Gets Personal

These days, you can get subscriptions sent to your home for everything from steaks to flowers. And naturally, we’re all about them—because what mom doesn’t have a soft spot for something that helps eliminate one more errand on a never-ending list? That’s why we wanted...

The Teal Pumpkin Project

FARE’s Teal Pumpkin Project is designed to promote safety, inclusion and respect of individuals managing food allergies.

How to Talk with Your Child About Emergency Response Drills in School

Recently, parenting has included the address of topics we believe are reserved for adults. Politics creating overt social conflict, predators in cyberspace and escalated school-based violence, such as school shootings. These are not in the parenting handbook. Actually, there is no universal parenting handbook.

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