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We are here to be your go-to resource for everything in and around Fairfield, Connecticut!  If you are looking for local activities for your kids, the best places for date nights, a new healthcare provider, delicious recipes, great blog posts or you simply want to stay in the know…FairfieldMoms is your one–stop-shop!

This site was founded with the very simple goal of saving you time and energy by providing a comprehensive collection of local events and resources, building our community, and creating a place where the Mom (and Dad) talk continues.

We have included a calendar of events, a resource guide to our neighborhoods, and general information that we find helpful to local families including many other topics highlighting the joyous chaos that comes along with being a mom.

Meet the MOM behind FairfieldMoms!

Jessica McCormack

Fairfield Moms was started in October 2018 by myself and a mom friend Amber Smith. We met at our Willows Pediatric New Moms group and became fast friends. Our daughters, 6 days apart loved being BFF and telling everyone. Amber and I started Fairfield Moms, run under the Local Moms Network, never knowing it could turn into what it has and becoming a career.

We have now turned five and Amber has since moved away and I continue doing what I love being a local resource to the community, planning and hosting events and ladies nights out, giving you a weekend roundup; in which I live by myself and meeting and promoting local businesses and  giving Moms the Gift of Time by doing all the research for you!

Being five years since we featured ourselves on here, I figured it was only fitting to do a Meet a Mom Interview for once on myself so you can get to know the Mom behind Fairfield Moms. Meet me; Jessica McCormack!

Where are you originally from and how long have you been in Fairfield?

I am originally from Kings Park, NY on Long Island. I went to Southern Connecticut State University and have pretty much been in CT since 2000 living in New Haven, Cheshire, Southington, Black Rock, Norwalk before finding this amazing town in 2013. The best part about being from LI is the Bridgeport Ferry. We meet in LI for most holiday lunches and can drop them to my parents very easily!

Tell us about your Family!

My husband Scott and I moved to Fairfield on the day we got in engaged in 2013, he is from North Haven and works in Stamford. Our daughter Emma 6 (and three quarters can’t forget that) and Aiden 3. We also have a 10 year old dog Laney who would be happy to know I even mentioned her. She’s been a little stressed and forgot about since having kids!

One thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I have run 12 marathons! I started in 2008 when I joined Team in Training raising money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. I originally signed up for a half but really enjoyed the training and running friends that I switched to the full. I did 10 marathons including NYC, Philly, Marine Corp, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco and Boston because at one point I was fast! I completed my 10th in 2016 in NYC to retire and try to have kids and last year got the itch so did NYC again in 2022 and just did Philly in November! Now I just enjoy running with friends and chatting along the way!  I love a good half and possibly more marathons to come. Its a great way to see ALL of Fairfield in those training runs! I love having my kids know I am going out running and seeing them on the sidelines!

Another thing is I was the President of the clown club in High School! Yes we had a club called the Clown Club! It was a club that every Thursday we would dress in Clown Costumes and visit local hospitals and sing, and cheer them up. This is a club I would love to bring to the high schools one day!

I also love America and any Red, White and Blue holiday!

One thing you wish someone would have told you about motherhood?

Well of course it’s the best thing ever but it’s so great to have these little best friends. They listen and remember everything! My son told me his knees hurt yesterday and my daughter can remember what we ate on vacation 4 years ago.

What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Fairfield?

There is just so much to do! Love being close to the beach and the town. Love shopping and eating local. The Memorial Day parade is just the best and I don’t know how many times a year I feel like Fairfield is a Hallmark movie! I love the community we have, the block party, the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt, kids playing in the street, just everything!

Best mom hack that makes your life easier?

I think whenever they are whiny or crabby changing the subject. I always think they are just tired which makes them cranky so I start asking questions or taking about a different topic and they turn it around.


Tell us about Fairfield Moms!

Fairfield Moms is something I never thought of would be a job! In 2018 we reached out years ago saying Fairfield needs this to the Local Moms Network, thinking we takes pics of our kids at local events. Here we are 5 years later being a resource to the community, running and promoting events, featuring moms and businesses and doing every thing possible to keep the community in the know!

What’s the biggest miscommunication about Fairfield Moms?

That we are Moms of Fairfield (the facebook group). As great as that group is, Fairfield Moms has it’s own facebook page and is not a group that you need to be accepted to. On this blog you can find an up to date calendar, recipes, other moms, blog posts about everything and anything and so much more! The newsletter is also very popular promoting businesses, running deals and learning what else is going on for the month!

What is your other business?

I also co own AR Workshop, with my neighbor Michele. Right around the time Amber and I were trying to start Fairfield Moms, Michele and I were looking into owning a franchise and AR Workshop was it! I am not crafty but like I tell everyone you don’t have to be. We are a DIY paint and sip bar hosting ladies night out, kid and adult birthdays, fundraiser and any reason to get together!

What do you love about Fairfield Moms?

I love the community we’ve built. I love hosting and planning events and meeting people at them. I love how everyone loves the weekend roundup. I love meeting businesses and helping them grow. I have watched Soccer Shots start in Fairfield and now be throughout the county, so love when I know advertising works! I also love that I bring my kids to meetings or store openings. Not that they understand what I do but it makes them feel included. My daughter thinks she’s my business partner since Amber left and I love it 🙂

What are your favorite events you run?

I love them all for different reasons! The Family Fun Day and Trunk or Treat are Free family events just when we need them, to start the summer and then a safe place to “trick or treat”. The bonfire and any ladies night out because who doesn’t need one. The Easter Egg hunt because it sells out and there is always a wait list making you feel like it’s a great time, plus getting local vendors in to chat and meet people! The Taste of Fairfield because it’s so much work but then so rewarding, fun fact we will we doing two a year starting this Spring. Also hoping to have a 5th year anniversary this year as well! Our 3rd anniversary was such a party it was so fun! Anytime I can get a mic in my hand and all my friends on the dance floor is fun for me!

Best advice for moms who experience the inevitable MOM GUILT handling a career and raising a family?

Do what works for you and your family and don’t compare yourself to others. It’s hard with social media seeing the best parts of someones day but realize it is only one second of it! Whether it be a nanny or daycare being a SAHM or working all day you need to do what works!

Who has most influenced you to be the mom that you are today?

My mom of course, this lady is the most proud of me then anyone and I taken being proud of everything my kids do like her! My grandma’s were always around too which was great growing up!

What advice would you share with a new mom or other moms?

Don’t listen to people. When I was pregnant I would hear the horror stories. People want to tell you the worst things, from the second trimester drink is horrible to you’ll never sleep again! Find positive friends and and take advice from them! Also join a moms group and keep going. You will find people you click with and hopefully get a night out with them!

We love supporting local businesses – favorite places in Fairfield to…

Have Dinner with Family: colony, flip side and Irish club

Grab a Drink with Friends: anywhere 🙂

Have a Date Night: Esh, Sinclair, Brick Walk Tavern, Southbay

Spend time together as a Family: biking, beach, walks, parks and any family fun event!

Outside Activities: Running and walking all over Fairfield

Grab coffee: Love coffee meetings! Fit Club Lounge is my new go to for there Fitspresso, watch out it’s addicting!

Love the question how do I do it all, because I clearly don’t haha but getting up early like 4:45 helps me to enjoy my coffee, do some work, watch the news and work out before anyone gets up! After Amber left I hired someone I use to work with and Darcy helps with a lot of the backend stuff! A new mom herself she is enjoying helping, she is great at canva and has a mobile bar unit she runs with her partner called Sip Garden who were very popular at the Taste of Fairfield! She is also never allowed to leave!


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