Healthcare Providers

Allergy & Asthma Associates of CT
36 Sanford St
Contact: 203-254-0179


Allergy & Asthma Care of Fairfield County
55 Walls Dr Suite 405
Contact: 203-259-7070


Allergy & Asthma Consultants of Fairfield County
140 Sherman St
Contact: 203-955-1461


ENT & Allergy Associates
160 Hawley Ln Trumbull
Contact: 203-380-3707

Advanced Cardiovascular Specialist
52 Beach Rd Fairfield
Contact: 203-255-4401
439 Mill Hill Ave Bridgeport
Contact: 203-3342100


Associated Internists of Fairfield
363 Reef Rd
Contact: 203-255-0891


Cardiology Physicians of Fairfield
425 Post Rd Fairfield
Contact: 203-254-2542
2979 Main St Bridgeport
Contact: 203-683-5100
115 Technology Dr Trumbull
Contact: 203-445-7093


Cardiac Specialists
1305 Post Rd Fairfield
Contact: 203-292-2000
999 Silver Lane Trumbull
Contact: 203-385-1111


Heart Specialists 
4 Corporate Dr Shelton
Contact: 203-929-9799

Family Holistic Health
Dr. Douglas Koch
1100 Kinds Highway East, #1C
Contact: 203-576-1993


iMed Chiropractor
527 Tunxis Hill Road
Contact: 203-333-7788


Reef Chiropractor Care
Dr. Brian Baker
133 Reef Road
Contact: 203-259-4939


Silver Chiropractor
1136 Post Road
Contact: 203-259-3000


Southport Chiropractor
1995 Post Road, Fairfield
Contact: 203-259-4731


Dr. Michael Tierney
1220 Post Road
Contact: 203-259-5047


Dr. Michael Tobet
400 Stillson Road
Contact: 203-579-0304


Weinstein Chiropractic & Wellness
2228 Black Rock Turnpike #208
Contact: 203-908-3857


Advanced Concussion Solutions
Dr. Audrey Paul
181 Post Road West, Westport
Contact: 203-293-6325


Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry
Don Miller, D.M.D.
1275 Post Rd, Suite 201
Fairfield, CT 06824
Contact: 203-255-6878
Donald Miller D.M.D. is recognized as one of the Top Dentists in Fairfield County.

The practice specializes in family and general dentistry.  Including general surgery, implants, crowns, Invisalign and Zoom Whitening. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of dental care with an emphasis on comfort for patients of all ages.

The office environment is modern and comfortable, where we use the latest in advanced technology. With our on site lab and surgical suites, you have the convenience of seamless treatment.  

Our comprehensive approach to dentistry is based on helping you & your family achieve ideal oral health and a beautiful smile to last a lifetime.



Brick Walk Dental
1305 Post Rd, Fairfield
Contact: 203-692-4405


Cosmetic & Preventive Dentistry
888 White Plains Rd, Trumbull
Contact: 203-268-5881


David Wohl, DDS
111 Beach Rd Suite 1, Fairfield
Contact: 203-255-4001


Dermartin Dental Associates, PC
69 Sherman St, Fairfield
Contact: 203-255-0468


DNL Dental
21 Sherman CT, Fairfield
Contact: 203-255-0108


Dr. Jack L Gish & Associates of Fairfield
1700 Post Road, Fairfield
Contact: 203-745-2082


Fairfield Dental Arts
320 Post Road, Fairfield
Contact: 203-254-3780


Fairfield Dental Associates
1979 Post Road, Fairfield
Contact: 203-255-2811


Fairfield Smiles
111 Beach Road, Fairfield
Contact: 203-423-3833


First Impressions
1476 Post Road, Fairfield
Contact: 203-292-9595


Hawley Lane Dental
475 Hawley Lane Suite 9, Stratford
Contact: 203-377-9300


Kids First Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
1478 Post Rd, Fairfield
Contact: 203-255-6851


Dr. Steven C. Landin
2452 Black Rock Turnpike #12, Fairfield
Contact: 203-372-9848


Michael Sonick & Associates
1047 Old Post Rd, Fairfield
Contact: 203-254-2006


Michael Nocerino
1809 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield
Contact: 203-335-4413


Perfect Smiles of Fairfield
60 Katona Drive, #20, Fairfield
Contact: 203-366-7655


Trumbull Smiles Family Dental
160 Hawley Lane Suite 103, Trumbull
Contact: 203-220-6610


Westport Pediatric Dentistry
305 Post Road East, Westport
Contact: 203-226-5500
Worthington Advanced Dentistry
1305 Post Rd Suite 104, Fairfield
Contact: 203-256-8073

Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists
160 Hawley Lane Suite 104, Trumbull
Contact: 203-377-0639


(CDG) Connecticut Dermatology Group
Offices in Norwalk, Greenwich, Stamford and Milford
761 Main Ave, Norwalk
Contact: 203-810-4151


Dermatology Physicans of CT
4 Corporate Dr Suite 386, Shelton
Contact: 203-538-5682


Fairfield Cosmetic Laser Center
1300 Post Rd
Contact: 203-259-3755


Fairfield Dermatology
1305 Post Rd
Contact: 203-259-7709


Greenwich Medical Spa
645 Post Road East, Westport
Contact: 203-779-6309


Jandali Plastic Surgery
5520 Park Ave Suite WP-2-300, Trumbull
Contact: 203-374-0310


Robin Gail Oshman, MD PhD
101 Long Lots Road, Westport
Contact: 203-454-0743


Southport Dermatology
2600 Post Rd, Southport
Contact: 203-254-2292

AFC Urgent Care
161 Boston Ave Bridgeport
Contact: 203-333-4400
4200 Main St Bridgeport
Contact: 203-916-5151
1918 Black Rock Turnpike
Contact: 203-583-8400
389 Bridgeport Ave Shelton
Contact: 203-567-4171
Hours: 8am-8pm

Docs Urgent Care 

525 Tunxis Hill Cut Off
Contact: 203-502-7350
Hours: 9am-6pm


St. Vincents Trumbull Urgent Care Center
900 White Plains Rd Trumbull
Contact: 203-696-3500
Hours: 8am-8pm
1055 Post Rd Fairfield
Contact: 203-259-3440
Hours: 8am-8pm

Andrew Levi MD
5520 Park Ave, Trumbull
Contact: 203-372-6700

Dr. Danielle Beneviv-Meskin
112 Quarry Road, Trumbull
Contact: 203-371-7048

Dr. Judith Castillo
112 Quarry Road, Trumbull
Contact: 203-371-7048

Dr. Erika Strohmayer
115 Technology Drive, Suite C101, Trumbull
Contact: 203-372-7200

Pediatric Endocrine & Diabetes Specialists
40 Cross St Suite 301, Norwalk
Contact: 203-229-2090

CT ENT Sinus Center, Hearing & Balance
761 Main Ave Suite 101, Norwalk
Contact: 203-716-6008


ENT & Allergy Associates
160 Hawley Lane, Trumbull
Contact: 203-380-3707


Ear Nose and Throat Specialists of CT
40 Commerce Park, Milford
Contact: 203-876-1159


Parker Ear Nose & Throat of Fairfield County
148 East Ave, Norwalk
Contact: 203-866-8121

Associates in Internal Medicine
965 White Plains Rd, Trumbull
Contact: 203-261-2010


Associated Internists of Fairfield
363 Reef Rd
Contact: 203-255-0891


Fairfield County Medical Group
15 Corporate Dr., Trumbull
Contact: 203-459-5100


Goldfarb, Ranno & Associates
1305 Post Road Suite 102
Contact: 203-254-2046


Live Lite Internal Medicine of Fairfield County
Dr. Monica Jain
52 Beach Road, Suite 205
Contact: 203-692-2180


Pulmonary & Internal Medicine of Fairfield County
4699 Main St., Bridgeport
Contact: 203-666-2749


Sabita Holistic Center
3519 Post Rd., Southport
Contact: 203-254-2633


Women’s Health Care of Trumbull
5520 Park Ave Suite 302, Trumbull
Contact: 203-612-2730

Avery Center for Ob/Gyn
400 Stilson Rd Suite 250, Fairfield
Contact: 203-293-2566
12 Avery Place, Westport
Contact: 203-227-5125
40 Cross St Suite 250, Norwalk
Contact: 203-840-1507

Fairfield Women’s Health Center

140 Sherman St Floor 5
Contact: 203-658-8291


Ob-Gyn of Fairfield County
1735 Post Rd, Fairfield
Contact: 203-256-3990


Southport Womens Health Care
2600 Post Rd
Contact: 203-254-3886


Womens Quality Care
501 Kings Highway East Suite 202
Contact: 203-367-2273


Women’s Obstetrics & Gynecology
115 Technology Dr Suite A200, Trumbull
Contact: 203-268-2239



New England Institute for Neurology & Headache
30 Buxton Farm Road, Ste. 230
Contact: 203-914-1900

Eye Care Associates
Dr. Carr
6515 Main St Suite 8L, Trumbull
Contact: 203-374-2020

Eye Group of Bridgeport

4699 Main St Suite 106, Bridgeport
Contact: 203-374-8182


Gold Coast Eye Associates
5065 Main St ,Trumbull
Contact: 203-374-3211


Dr. Nelson Gould, OD
2060 Black Rock Turnpike
Contact: 203-333-5590

Ophthalmic Associates

160 Hawley Lane Suite 107, Trumbull
Contact: 203-378-3224


Ophthalmic Consultants of CT
1375 Kings Highway Suite 301
Contact: 203-366-8000


Ophthalmic Surgeons of Greater Bridgeport
2371 Black Rock Turnpike, Bridgeport
Contact: 203-692-4716


Pearl Vision
Dr. Brandt
1901 Black Rock Turnpike
Contact: 203-334-7722


TLC Laser Eye Center
1375 Kings Highway Suite 300
Contact: 203-852-2020

Braun Orthodontics
427 Stillson Road, Suite 12
Contact: 203-374-0512


Fairfield County Orthodontics
Dr. Fernanda Marchi
1275 Post Road, #211
Contact: 203-292-6644


Fairfield Orthodontic Associates
111 Beach Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Contact: 203-256-9500


Kids First Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
1478 Post Rd
Contact: 203-255-6851


Michael Sonick & Associates
1047 Old Post Rd
Contact: 203-254-2006


Oral Surgery Associates
1305 Post Rd Suite 201
Contact: 203-259-2665




ONS | Orthoperdic Urgent Care
5 High Ridge Park, Stamford
Contact: 203-869-1145

6 Greenwich Office Park
40 Valley Drive, Greenwich
Contact: 203-869-1145

Walk-in. No appointment is necessary. DON’T WAIT FOR THE URGENT ORTHO CARE YOU NEED!  Get sprains, fractures or any sudden musculoskeletal injury evaluated and treated right away at ONS Urgent Ortho Care.  With digital imaging and specialized orthopedic tools at hand, our orthopedic team is uniquely trained to accurately diagnose and treat broken bones, dislocations, muscle sprains and other sudden musculoskeletal injuries that require immediate, urgent care.


Orthopedic & Sports Medicine (OSM)
1055 Post Rd Suite 1, Fairfield
Contact: 203-254-1055

888 White Plains Rd Suite 14, Trumbull
Contact: 203-268-2882


Orthofast Shelton
865 River Rd, Shelton
Contact: 203-382-5556


Valley Orthopedics Specialists
2 Trap Falls Rt Suite 404, Shelton
Contact: 203-734-7900


Weinstein Chiropractic & Wellness Center
2228 Black Rock Turnpike Suite 208
Contact: 203-908-3857

Black Rock Pediatrics
1817 Black Rock Turnpike
Contact: 203-337-5333


Fairfield Pediatrics
501 Kings Highway Suite 203
Contact: 203-333-0800


Pediatrics Healthcare Associates
50 Unquowa Pl
Contact: 203-452-8322


Trumbull Pediatrics
132 Monroe Turnpike, Trubmull
Contact: 203-268-1766


Willows Pediatrics 
1563 Post Rd East, Westport
Contact: 203-319-3939


Pediatric Specialists

Rehabilitation Associates, Inc.
Locations: 1931 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield | 728 Post Road East, Westport
Contact: 203-384-8681 (Fairfield) | 203-341-0488 (Westport)

  • Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. has provided quality therapeutic services for 40 years including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, clinical social work and nutrition services all under one roof.
  • Quality of care is of utmost importance for us. Our multidisciplinary approach allows our patients to take advantage of all of our services while being surrounded by a family atmosphere to allow proper healing and recovery.



Children’s Therapy and Learning Center
Location: 2228 Black Rock Turnpike, Suite 201, Fairfield
Contact: 203-908-4433
Provides occupational and speech therapy and social skills groups for children and free seminars for parents and professionals.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
32 Imperial Ave, Westport
Contact: 203-222-3700


Anya Kishinevsky, M.D.
55 Walls Dr, #405
Contact: 203-659-8105


Dr. Harvey Bluestein, M.D
325 Reef Road
Contact: 203-254-8557


Connecticut Plastic Surgery Group
2600 Post Rd Suite 206
Contact: 203-292-1155


ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery
52 Beach Rd Suite 204
Contact: 203-237-6673


ENT & Allergy Associates
160 Hawley Lane Suite 202, Trumbull
Contact: 203-380-3707


Jandali Plastic Surgery
5520 Park Ave Suite WP-2-300
Contact: 203-374-0310


Magana Plastic Surgery
1171 E. Putnam Avenue, Suite #1E, Greenwich
Contact: 646-943-6042


Dr. Joseph O’Connell
208 Post Road West, Westport
Contact: 203-454-0044


Plastic Surgery Center of Fairfield
33 Miller St
Contact: 203-336-9862


Dr. Alfred Sofer, M.D.
33 Miller Street
Contact: 203-336-9862

Associated Podiatrists of Fairfield
1881 Post Road
Contact: 203-255-1036


Anna Diamantis, LPC
1506 Post Road, Fairfield
Contact: 203-442-5566
Specializes in Anxiety, Perinatal/postpartum depression and anxiety, and in grief and loss


Anchor Wellness
Kate Fillion Gebbie, LPC
1204 Main St, Branford
Contact: 860-851-4585
Specializes in perinatal mental health (such as pregnancy and infant loss and postpartum depression/anxiety), motherhood issues, and trauma.  Exclusively provides telehealth (over secure video) so no need to head into an office


Fairfield Behavioral Medicine
160 Hawley Lane, Trumbull
Contact: 203-377-0111


The Waynick Group
52 Beach Rd, Fairfield
Contact: 203-254-2000

160 Hawley Lane Suite 200, Trumbull
Contact: 203-386-0096

Park Avenue Fertility & Reproductive Medicine
5520 Park Ave WPG-250, Trumbull
Contact: 203-372-6700
91 East Ave, Norwalk
Contact: 203-853-6700

Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT (RMA)
761 Main Ave Suite 200, Norwalk
Contact: 475-208-4274
115 Technology Dr Suite C200, Trumbull
Contact: 203-880-5340

Yale Fertility Center of New Haven
150 Sargent Dr Floor 2, New Haven
Contact: 203-785-4708

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