Meet a Mom – @livinglifeundone – Rebecca Ashby

Recently we got to chat with the lovely Rebecca Ashby who you might know from her funny stories, her great style, but mostly recently why she does what she does. And if you're wondering where her Instagram name came on, it's perfect!   Where are you...

The most common orthopedic injuries we see in moms & how to prevent them!

In honor of Mother’s Day, the team at Coastal Orthopedics thought they’d give some helpful hints to all those hard working moms out there! Whether you stay at home or work full time, motherhood can take a toll on your body. Here are some of the most common orthopedic injuries we see in moms.

10 Reasons Why GCA of CT is Great for Kids

It’s Fun Develops strength Develops Flexibility Develops Coordination Teaches Listening Skills Gain Self-esteem and Confidence Provides social interaction with peers Teaches goal setting Develops cognitive abilities in the classroom Develops skills to enhance other...

The benefits of hiring an au pair, from the experts at Cultural Care

This month, we decided to explore a lesser-known—but increasingly-popular—childcare option that families across the United States have been utilizing for over thirty years: Hosting an au pair!

Taco Tuesday

Anyone else feel like they’re constantly working to find easy recipes that the whole family will not only eat, but love? Taco Tuesday is always a crowd pleaser, even in Melissa Hartwig Urban’s house. We spoke to the Whole30 CEO about her favorite spin on turkey tacos...

How to avoid Email Hackers – tips from Genius on the Go

Genius on the Go’s tips on how to avoid email hackers   Email Spoofing/Phishing is a method where hackers trick users to think an email is coming from a legitimate source (Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, etc) to capture sensitive information such as Usernames, Passwords,...

Mac & Mia: High-Quality Clothes, Delivered to Your Door

Mac & Mia, the popular curated clothing service for kids, is hiring stylists! Read our interview with founder (and mom of five) Marie Tillman and learn the story of Mac & Mia, plus all about this unique, flexible opportunity for moms!

Beekeeper’s Natural – a new line of product that includes the health benefits of honey & propolis!

Anyone else keep hearing about the fabulous health benefits of honey and propolis? We are thrilled to partner with Beekeeper’s Natural who has harnessed these super-ingredients into wonderful, effective products like throat spray (for adults and kids), raw honey blended with hemp oil, and raw bee pollen.

Meet a Mom – Anne Truman also known as LemonHoneyJasmine

We recently met the sweet face behind LemonHoneyJasmine; Anne Truman, and knew she'd be a great fit for our Meet a Mom interview! She highlights great businesses in Fairfield while juggling 3 kids at home, so it was great to be able to sit down and chat to learn more...

Teacher and Nurses Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation and Nurses Appreciation Week starts Monday, May 6th and runs the whole week! Now's the time to tell those amazing people how much you appreciate all their hard work! These at times are Thankless jobs so it's the least we can do as a token of our...

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