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Being a tween/teen isn’t easy these days, and parenting a tween/teen can be even harder.

So come join our new #203 born, oft- overlooked community to support you in empowering your tween/ teen while keeping yourself sane. Introducing MiddleMeets (MM) by G.

Midlife is getting some light shed on it (FINALLY!) and I wanted to acknowledge that.

Let’s get real. Once y’all age out from the millions of “mommy and me” toddler groups and aren’t ready for the various “empty nest” groups, it’s lonely AF. Besides friends once in a while, no one really wants to talk about struggles with teens. Parenting a teenager can be tough, especially in todays intense world. Between college prep, AP classes, social channels, driving, alcohol/ drug abuse, sports schedules, hormones, SO much homework, being an on-call car service…it’s time to recognize our typically excluded parenting group and arm us all with
some suggestions to do our best.

This is when the community SHOULD be a MUST. Teens have it tough as do we. As a single mama of three teens, I realized that there weren’t really any inclusive local communities, as there was when I had young kids. Some place to laugh, educate, commiserate, understand, support, and empower your own holistic health with the help of a like minded and uplifting community. I created a private FB group on a whim because I couldn’t find anything geared to our group. Within 48 hours I had almost 100 requests. Three months later I have over 400 members. Just an under appreciated, and under recognized group. We’ve got aging parents if we’re still lucky to have them; we have teens with attitudes (yes, just like most of us were as teens – insert finger purse emoji) and schedules that are insane. Even if you have a kid only playing one sport, or five teens that sleep until 2pm, it’s chaotic physically and mentally. My three young adults are amazing, and I still struggle. It is not because anyone is a “bad” teen. It’s just hard to be a teen these days, as opposed to when I was one. I’m here to tell you that you got this.

Members are praising MM because they feel seen and truly part of a community:

“So blessed I found this group to know I am not alone”.

“The resources are targeted, and the FB lives provide relatable advice”.

“I’ve learned so much more patience having a teen, and this group has
given me more of that as well as many laughs”.

Educators and coaches of tweens and teens are also welcome, not just parents. Memberships and sponsorships now available to keep the group and programming going and get even stronger, and support each other! We all gotta meet in the Middle. MiddleMeets is where its at.

Membership link: https://middlemeetsbyg.com/membership/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2732619796872362

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