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I feel like there is a lot of questions about working out when pregnant and you have to listen to your body when doing anything. They say if you were working out before you got pregnant then you can continue doing what you were doing. I am not a doctor but can tell you what is working for me now and in the past!

The first time I was pregnant I was considered “high risk” so I continued to do Crossfit, at Rough House. what I was doing for years before. I did Crossfit for the first 3 months and scaled most things while I was there. After 3 months I joined Bar Method to do low impact workouts. I loved that I was still getting up early and working at at 5:30am, even though before this my husband and I were going to the same gym I was at least going somewhere and getting my heart rate up! I would do that 4-5 times a week and walk whenever I could. I went from being a runner to a real good walker!

On maternity leave, after being cleared by the doctor, I joined Stroller Strides. It is a great community based right here in Fairfield. I was happy to get out of the house, meet other moms and everyone has kids different stages so they all feel your pain if your kid is fussy! The coaches would even rock the baby if we were still working out so the moms could continue and not worry about a crying baby. I also went back to Crossfit when I could fit it in!

This time every time I found out I was pregnant I would continue my workouts but scale right away. I know that working out had nothing to do with my miscarriages and people would say maybe you shouldn’t workout this time but this is what I am use to and this is my daily routine. Not working out has nothing to do with the baby staying put up there, I asked every Dr. every time! I am now a member of Burn Boot Camp (at least have been since my third, fourth and now fifth pregnancy) and really enjoy the workouts and how they scale them. I think in the beginning I might have slowed down a bit but nothing too crazy. After about 12 weeks (right around the time gyms closed), I started doing there home live workouts, best part is you don’t have to watch them live. I am now doing only there strength days, pretty much 3 days a week since I am walking so much and was running at least 2-3 miles every other day. I was a runner before babies so this time was going to continue till I couldn’t, I ran up until 25 weeks! I also found the Tone it Up app to be helpful since they have pregnancy workouts based on what week you are. It was free for first 6 weeks and now I paid I think $49 for the year. I figure I can continue to do it while on maternity leave since they are easy and in home. I also got the peloton app (free for 3 months, think might be only free for a month now but still!) and like the strength ones I have done, not with a bike! Now at 29 weeks, I stopped running and am trying to walk and a weight workout, at least something everyday. I have not gone back to the gym yet even though it looks very safe.

What is offered online or around town:

Move Your Bump – an app, good for trying to conceive, pregnancy and postpartum. I am going to start this one next week for pelvic floor help, that can’t hurt!

Beachbody – email our local Beachbody rep and trainer Cristina – [email protected]

Jarosa Studio – Offer Gentle Yours class for pregnancy

Yoga For Everyone – Live Streamed classes except for 2 on weekends outside

Bar Method – any class is ok for Moms to Be and the best part after 20 weeks you don’t have to stay to do abs so get to leave a little early!

Pure Barre – will be trying Pure Barre classes soon so stay tuned!

Let us know if you have a great workout you’d like to add to our list of pregnancy workouts!

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