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It’s not very often you meet people who just want to help people. Brandi Khoury from Minimal is Bliss is doing just that. She truly loves doing home organization and wants to help people make their space work for them. She mentioned something to me while doing my closet that really stuck with me. If your closet and drawers are unorganized, it causes unnecessary stress. A stress you might not realize you have just by looking in your closet. This stuck with me. How many times do you go to find something to wear and you can’t find a thing? It takes you even longer to find something, thinking about how you NEED to go shopping because you have absolutely NOTHING to wear, now you have to iron (or throw in the dryer to unwrinkle :)) all to now make you late?! This was my life all the time!  It WAS until now!




I’m actually embarrassed by the before pictures! Especially because we recently redid our bedroom and it looks amazing but inside the closet and drawers we look like a disaster!


Brandi came over for the before, took pictures and told me to go through EVERYTHING! Perfect timing since it was time to switch out winter for summer clothes! I donated three huge bags, consigned the nicer things, some to Olive My Stuff and some to the Label Exchange (both in Fairfield),  I like to support everyone 🙂 gave business clothes to my friend who can use them, donated shoes, threw some out, and just finally realized what I don’t wear I have to get rid of. Everyone does it; maybe I will fit into this soon, let me save this for when I get pregnant, or I have another kid, or maybe I’ll wear this to a wedding. Who am I kidding I do rent the runway for every wedding so why am I saving things and I love shopping so no need to save things I know I won’t wear! She realized my hangers don’t match and some space I can use a basket in, so she measured and brought those items back with her the next time!


She hung things in color order, by types; dresses, tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, took my husband dress shirts out of the plastic (actually learned you shouldn’t keep them in the plastic), and folded things to fit more. I now have a ton of room for new shoes and clothes!





The Drawers were just a mess as you can see, what was I thinking? This new way of folding made everything slide in easier and make room for more. I wasn’t too concerned with workout shirts being color coordinated since that is probably the majority of my laundry but everything else looks great! I know have two drawers that have nothing in them so might be able to keep all winter clothes there instead of the dreaded switching things over every season!





I have to say, this does totally help with my stress! I can walk right in and find what I need and everything is hung or folded nicely that it doesn’t need to be ironed! I am amazed how I want to keep it going just to stay this organized and clean and how easy it was. Maybe it took Brandi 2-3 hours total and feels so good to get rid of so much! Everything looks so amazing that she might come back for my pantry (this stuff actually excites her)!


When you are ready to get organized, get a professional, it is so worth the time, effort and money and Brandi will help you every step of the way! You won’t be sorry!


Check her out at and email her at [email protected]

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