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For any new mom or dad, getting ready to send your son or daughter off to Kindergarten in the fall seems very overwhelming, sad, and exciting all at the same time, especially during these times!!  Weren’t they just our babies a few weeks ago, asking to be picked up and rocked to sleep?!  Now they are 4, or 5, or 6yrs old…ready to take a HUGE step into the world without us right by their sides.  To be prepared as possible, FairfieldMoms wanted to keep you up to date on everything you need to know about sending your kids off to Kindergarten…from orientation, to registration, to after-school programs.  Read more below!



Registration for Kindergarten for 2023-2024 school year opens up on January 23rd, 2023.  The first thing on your check list is to head to this website – Student Registration, and pre-register your child.  First day of school is Tuesday, August 29th, 2023!  Full School Calendar will be shared soon!


All registrations will be completed at Central Office located at 501 Kings Highway East, Suite 201. Daily appointments are available. Once you have registered your student, you can make an appointment with the Central Office. Appointments can be scheduled electronically by clicking hereAlternatively, you may call 203-255-8242 to schedule an appointment.  Documents that you need to bring with you to the appointment are listed below.


Documentation Required To Complete The Registration Process: All originals will be returned to the parent/guardian. Your child’s enrollment is conditional upon a physical review of their original birth certificate / passport, upon our return to Central Office.

  1. Official (original) birth certificate is required. If not available, a Passport will be required
  2. Proof of Residency: mortgage statement OR deed to property OR current lease agreement (original signed and executed by all parties)
  3. Two (different) current utility bills showing mailing address, ie. Aquarion, UI, SCG, or cable (no cell phone bills)
  4. Parent’s valid driver’s license or passport (no copy accepted)
  5. Automobile registration certificate (no copy accepted)
  6. If applicable, legal guardianship document(s).


*At the end of your appointment, you will be given a Kindergarten Articulation Form. You will need to send this form to your preschool or nursery school to be completed and returned to the elementary school that your child will attend. It is used to gather information about incoming students so that the administrators and teachers can appropriately design the incoming kindergarten classes.

Please be advised that if you have a child already enrolled in our Early Childhood Center (ECC), the process for kindergarten registration is different.



Appointment with the School Nurse to review health information:  The third item on your checklist Please mail all health forms to the Public Health Nursing Office, (100 Mona Terrace, Fairfield, CT 06824).  You will be informed if the records are incomplete.  For further information contact the school nurse or the Town of Fairfield Public Health Nursing office at 203-256-3150


Health Documentation Required To Enroll Your Child:

  1. Health Assessment Record (available online at Health Assessment Record)
  2. Immunization Notification Form (available online at Immunizations)

**No student will be permitted to enter Fairfield Schools without this Health Information



Not sure what school district you are in?  Head here and input your home address to find out – Find Your School



Orientation – Parents & Students

All of these events will be posted and updated on the school’s website.  Kindergarten’s 2022-2023 Welcome Packet can be found here!


2023 Fall Open House Information below!

Burr – May 25th: 9:30am (A-M) and 2pm (N-Z)

Dwight – May 10th: 1:30pm (A-L) and 2:30pm (M-Z)

Holland Hill – May 10th: 8:30am (A-L) and 1pm (M-Z)

Jennings – May 17th: 2pm (A-L) | May 18th 2pm (M-Z)

McKinley – June 5th: 2:15pm (ALL)

Mill Hill – May 10th: 2pm (A-L) | May 11th: 2pm (A-Z)

North Stratfield – May 4th: 9:30am (ALL)

Osborn Hill – May 10th: 1:45pm (A-L) | May 11th: 1:45pm (M-Z)

Riverfield – May 10th: 9:30am (A-L) | 2pm (M-Z)

Sherman – May 10th: 2pm (A-L) | May 16th: 2pm (M-Z)

Stratfield – May 17th: 10am (A-L) | 2:15pm (M-Z)


Kindergarten Information

School Hours are M-F 8:55am – 3:30pm (expect Holland Hill which is 8:10am – 2:45pm)


The kindergarten curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health and safety, music, art, physical education, penmanship and library media. Instruction by specialists takes place once a week in art and twice a week in music and physical education. A lunch period, recess and quiet time are provided daily. The kindergarten program emphasizes physical, social, emotional and academic development. Each child will progress based on his/her individual developmental needs.

Enrollment in the full day class is projected to range from 17 to 23 students. A full-time teacher is assigned to each class, as well as paraprofessional support. A formal kindergarten report card of student progress and achievement is issued three times a year, in December, March, and June. This report card is a comprehensive evaluation of how well your child progressed through the skills and concepts at this level



Parent Information

School communication is done through what is called Infinite Campus.  Infinite Campus is a web-based student information system that gives parents and guardians access to important school and student information and enhances communication between faculty, parents and students.  Important Note: If you have a child currently enrolled in our district and you have an Infinite Campus account, once you login, click on the link labeled “Online Registration” at the lower left hand corner of the website.  Also, if you are new to the FPS system, your account will become active starting in August 2023 (closer to when school begins). Information regarding bus route and assigned teacher will be communicated from Infinite Campus approximately one week prior to the start of school.



Children who live a distance of three-fourths of a mile or more from school will be eligible for bus transportation. If you are uncertain if your address qualifies for transportation, you may call the Transportation Office at 203-255-8385. NOTE – Kindergarten students are not discharged from the bus unless an adult is present or with a sibling at the bus stop to meet the child. Students will be returned to school if an adult is not present.  Information regarding bus route and assigned teacher will be communicated from Infinite Campus approximately one week prior to the start of school.


More information can be found here – Transportation



Food Services & Meal Service

The mission of the Food and Nutrition Services Department is to provide a variety of appealing and nutritious foods in an environment that is respectful of each student’s needs and differences. Food Service employees will provide all students the opportunity to reach their maximum learning potential through healthy food choices.  Click here for more information.



After School Programs

(Most programs are available and are first come-first serve)


Burr – After the Bell
Burr – Kid’s Care (Before & After)
Burr – Wakeman (Pick up afterschool)


Dwight – Wakeman (Pick up afterschool)
Dwight YMCA – After School Care


Holland Hill YMCA (Pick up afterschool)
Holland Hill Wakeman Boys and Girls Club, Burroughs Clubhouse, (Pick up afterschool)
Holland Hill Easton Community Center (Before & After)


Jennings Child Link (Before & After)
Jennings Wakeman (Pick up afterschool)


McKinley Kid’s Place (Before & After)
McKinley Wakeman (Pick up afterschool)


Mill Hill YMCA (After School until 6 p.m.)
Mill Hill Kid’s Care (Before & After)
Mill Hill Wakeman (Pick up afterschool)


North Stratfield Easton Community Center (Before & After)
North Stratfield Wakeman (Pick up afterschool)


Osborn Hill Kid’s Place (Before & After)
Osborn Hill Wakeman (Pick up afterschool)


Riverfield Kid’s Care – Before & AfterSchool
Riverfield Wakeman (Pick up afterschool)
Riverfield YMCA (After School until 6 p.m.)


Sherman Kids Time By the Sea (Before & After)
Sherman Wakeman (Pick up afterschool)


Stratfield Kid’s Club (Before & After)
Stratfield Wakeman (Pick up afterschool)



Meet New Students

Camp Champs – run by Fairfield Parks and Rec. Registration opens February 22nd, 2022 and spots fill quickly!

Camp Champs is a fun-filled program led by preschool teachers and geared specifically toward Pre-K aged children. This is a 2-week program during the SUMMER that offers a variety of activities including music and movement, arts & crafts, active, calming and educational games, as well as several on-site special events! Staff to child ratio is 1-7. Each staff member is certified in Pediatric First Aid and CPR.

Your child will have the opportunity to participate in engaging teacher-led and child-centered activities. They will be happy to bring home art projects, discuss books they’ve read, and share songs they’ve learned at the program. Your child will also be able to join in many themed activities, such as water day, dress-up days, and on-site entertainment.


Check back here closer to summer for updates on playgroups that will meet up prior to the start of the school year at your local park!


Safety Town 2023 – Fairfield Public Schools Safety Program for Students entering Kindergarten.  Registration opens February 1st!



Help Prepare your Child for Kindergarten

  • Teach your child his/her full name, address (including town and state) and telephone number.
  • Practice washing hands, and keeping good hygiene.
  • Help your child to assume responsibility for dressing himself/herself as best as possible. Label all outerwear.
  • Teach your child the proper use of bathroom facilities.
  • Encourage clear and proper speech.
  • Help your child to be a good listener and to respond at appropriate times.
  • Listen to your child and show genuine interest in what your child has to say.
  • Ask questions to prompt your child to think such as “Why do you think so?” or “What do you think that means?”
  • Teach your child to develop an appreciation and respect for the rights and property of others.
  • Provide opportunities for your child to play with other children to learn sharing and taking turns.
  • Read to your child. Choose material appropriate to your child’s level of development, interest and maturity.
  • Limit the amount of screen time and monitor the quality of television your child watches



Good LUCK to all the MOMS and DADS sending their firstborns or children off to Kindergarten in the fall!!  

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