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By this point you have probably seen iCryo or heard about people who go. They offer one service prices as well as monthly packages to take advantage of all they offer. You can benefit from a variety of their services wether you workout daily or the day to day activities that go with life! If you work from home this is also a great place to visit to get blood flowing. Training for a marathon is strenuous on the body so I tried out a lot of the services after a long run and my recovery was amazing!

Cryotherapy was originally invented for aiding Rheumatoid Arthritis. After 40+ years and thousands of medical case studies, numerous benefits have been discovered in using cold therapy. Take a glance at how Whole Body Cryotherapy can improve your life:

Muscle and joint pain relief
Optimize sleep and recovery
Regain your natural energy
Enhance your natural skin glow
Brain boost and mental stabilizer
Increase metabolism and burn calories

Reduce Inflammation


You get in a ice cold chamber for 3 minutes, they turn the music up and the time goes so fast!

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy also known as PBM was developed by NASA and revolutionized solutions for pain management and skin care using clinically determined red and near-infrared lighting. Transform your life by experiencing the following benefits:

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
Increased Blood Circulation
Restoration of Motion to Joints
Nerve Pain Relief and Regeneration
Temporary Relief of Pain Associated with Arthritis
Improvement of Skin Appearance and Texture
Immune System Boost
Increased Energy Levels
Enhancement in Brain Health

Cell Regeneration and Enhanced Tissue Repair

You feel like you are in a tanning bed, but the benefits here are a lot better then just getting a tan!

 of Infrared Saunas

People have used saunas for various health benefits for thousands of years. Today, Infrared Light is used in saunas to provide an easier and more effective solution by heating the body directly. Acquire the relaxing and purifying benefits of the Infrared Sauna:

Weight loss
Immune system boost
Enhanced circulation
Muscle & joint pain relief

Reduce mental stress and fatigue

Relaxing and it gets hot and feels so good!

Benefits of Compression Therapy

 A variety of compression therapies have been around for hundreds of years. People of all ages and lifestyles have been shown to recover when using this therapeutic service by experiencing the following benefits:

Muscle and joint pain relief
Improved blood circulation
Decrease in inflammation
Reduced lactic acid
Increased mobility and agility
Improved athletic performance

Speedy recovery time


Leg Compression                                                       Hip Compression


Probably the most popular service. It feels like you are getting your blood pressure measured on your legs or hips (arms offered too). Feels amazing and relaxing while you can work on your computer, scroll your phone, or close your eyes!

Other services they offer are IV treatment

The most popular IV is the #illneverdrinkagain

Cryo facials and body sculpting are services that sound great too! You can make an appointment or just walk in! Check them out at 665 Commerce Drive and on instagram @icryo_fairfield they always have deals running for the different services!

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