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I recently had the opportunity to get my teeth whitened and I was so excited to try out a new whitening product from Kor Whitening at Dr. Dani Dental’s office in Fairfield.  I am an avid coffee drinker and over the years, my teeth have shown my love for coffee.  I’ve tried whitening strips, but nothing ever really worked for my teeth, so I jumped at the chance to try something new!


For my initial appointment, I went into the office and met with Dr. Danielle Pannese and her dental assistant Blanca.  Dr. Dani walked me through the procedure and how the Kor Whitening trays would work.  I then had my impressions taken for a custom fit for the whitening trays.  This is an uncomfortable thing to do, but Dr. Dani and Blanca were so friendly and quick – I was done in no time!  In about 2 weeks, my trays were in and ready to be picked up!  I headed back to Dr. Dani”s office excited to get the process started.  Dr. Dani again walked me through all the instructions and was so helpful with all of my questions and concerns.


At home, I started my whitening treatment and wore my whitening trays for a full 10 days.  Some nights my teeth were a bit sensitive, but I was able to continue.  After my whitening was complete, I headed back to Dr. Dani’s office for my check-in.  Dr. Dani was so thorough and she really wanted to get me super white, that she asked me to do the whitening a little bit longer – so of course I obliged!  Two more weeks went by and I was back in for my final exam.  I was SO pleased with the results and Dr. Dani and Blanca were so excited for me!  Overall, this was such a great experience working with Dr. Dani and her team to get my teeth whitened!  She was so great to talk with and even offered me some suggestions to keep my teeth white for the long run!


See my results below!!



If you have any questions about Kor Whitening, or about Dr. Dani Dental’s practice, reach out to them at or call their office at 203-383-2352!




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