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With the start of school just around the corner, we are excited to be able to highlight a local Fairfield mom of 3 boys, Kim Sherman, owner of the new Goddard School of Fairfield.  We met Kim last summer at our FairfieldMoms Beach Bonfire, and loved hearing that she was in the beginning stages of opening up this wonderful school in the Stratfield area.  The Goddard School uses current, academically endorsed methods to ensure that children (from Infants, Toddler, Preschool & Pre-K) have fun while learning the skills they need for long-term success in school and in life.  Read more about Kim below, her life in Fairfield, and how she was able to make her dream of opening up a childcare business a reality!


Where are you originally from and how long have you been in the area?

I grew up in Long Island moved to Seattle Washington after college.  After 4 years on the West Coast, I decided it was time to move back east to Connecticut to be closer to family.  My husband and I lived in a few areas in CT before finally settling in Fairfield in 2000.


Children / Age(s)

I raised my 3 boys in Fairfield.  My oldest, Austin, 22 graduated from Muhlenberg College.  Owen, 19 is currently a rising sophomore at the University of Wisconsin and my youngest son, Dylan, 14 will be a freshman at Ludlowe High School in the fall.


One thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I drove cross country twice visiting dozens of states.  So far, I’ve seen 31 of the 50.


Favorite local things to do in Fairfield?

I love taking advantage of being outdoors – visiting beautiful parks, hiking trails and beaches that we have here in Fairfield and in the surrounding towns.


What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Fairfield?

I love the close-knit community here in Fairfield and the proximity to both beaches and parks.


What is your go-to activity for your family?  For yourself?

Our family enjoys being active.  We are often mountain biking or hiking in Huntington State Park or Trout Brook.  Every year for the past 10 years, we hike the Appalachian Trail in the Presidential Range in New Hampshire as a family.  We make a mini family vacation out of it, staying in the huts overnight and enjoying the outdoors.


Funniest part that you’ve learned about parenthood?

Nothing ever goes exactly the way you envisioned it.  Parenthood is about being flexible and finding humor in everything you can’t control.  Like the time my 2 year old dropped an open bottle of laundry detergent on the kitchen floor as I was preparing to leave the house with him and my newborn baby.  Instant bubble bath!


One thing you wish someone would have told you about motherhood?

How hard it is and how much you will worry forever!  That once your child is born your heart will forever walk around outside your body.


Best mom hack that makes your life easier?

How to peel a mango!  My 14 year old loves snacking on mangoes so I needed to figure out the best way to peel and slice them up.  You cut the mango off the pit, take a glass and use the edge of the glass to peel the mango by sliding the skin and the fruit down the side of the glass.  The flesh of the mango slides into the glass and the skin slides right off!


Best advice for moms who experience the inevitable MOM GUILT handling a career and a family?

Take a breath and forgive yourself.  It’s not about quantity of time with your children, it is about the quality of time.  And, be sure to take care of yourself as well.  Take time for yourself!  Moms deserve it!


Who has influenced you the be the mother that you are today?

Someone once told me to “look at a mom whose children you think are amazing and ask that mom what they did”.  It takes a village to raise a family, which is one reason why I decided to open The Goddard School in Fairfield.  This is a place where parents can learn from each other and constantly ask for guidance.  We learn from those going through the same experiences just as much as we do from the teachers who are guiding children every day and working along side parents to help their children meet milestones.  We have to support each other  There are no right answers but if you hit a snag, chances are someone else has had a similiar experience.  You can learn from what they did.


Tell us about your new school, The Goddard School of Fairfield.  What grades and programs are offered?

We are dedicated to providing the best possible environment for development and education.  Our qualified and passionate teachers provide that key nurturing learning environment using curriculum tailored to meet each child’s social, intellectual, physical and emotional needs.  An average day at The Goddard School in Fairfield is always different.  But we want to make sure fun activities focusing on cognitive development, creative arts, language, social science, motor skills and self-help skills are in everything the children do.

Our location, at 1280 Stratfield Road, is open Monday to Friday from 7am – 6pm.  We offer programs for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years old and have full day and school day programs as well as a summer camp.  Starting in September 2021, we will offer a private Kindergarten.


When and how did you get started / involved with The Goddard School?

Opening a childcare business was always a dream for me.  I was fortunate to meet Allison and Ryan Dell about a year ago.  Allison and Ryan own and operate The Goddard School of Brookfield and have another location in Danbury.  They wanted to expand The Goddard School family to parents living in and around Fairfield, and we decided to partner together.  My home is Fairfield.  I’ve lived here for 20 years and as a mom with a passion for early childhood education, I felt very confident that I was the right partner for them.  I am so happy to be a part of The Goddard School, but even more excited that is it right in the town where I raised my children.


What do you love about working with kids?

You get to watch children have fun, learn, laugh and explore.  They express unconditional love of learning and openness to learn new things.  From the moment children are born, they begin to explore the world around them.  I love that I get to be a part of their learning adventures on a daily basis.


What are your thoughts about the new school year for 2020/2021?  How has The Goddard School prepared for the new protocols set by the State of Connecticut to keeping kids, teachers and staff safe?

Health and safety are of the utmost importance at The Goddard School.  Parents are trusting us with caring for their children as they return to a “new normal”.  We have very comprehensive health and safety protocols.  Faculty are using newly created drop-off and pick-up procedures where parents are met at the door by a faculty member during temperatures of all faculty and children entering the building are checked and heightened cleanliness practices have been established.

Hand washing, sanitizing and cleaning surfaces frequently were already a part of our daily practices.  We’re doing it more frequently to take extra measures in keeping our space clean and germ free.  Our number one priority is keeping our staff and children safe.  Goddard has created a community health and safety document that we ask all of our families to read and sign so that they recognize and adhere to our commitment to keeping everyone safe and healthy.


If you hadn’t join The Goddard School, what do you think you would be doing today?

I have my Master’s Degree in teaching and prior to opening a Goddard School, I was an elementary school teacher   Education is my passion.  I would still teach if I didn’t open a Goddard since I love being a part of helping children learn and grow.




The Goddard School of Fairfield

1280 Stratfield Road, Fairfield, CT 06825
Monday – Friday | 7am – 6pm

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