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As we end mental health awareness month we interviewed local mom and therapist Jennifer Coassin. Just because the month is over doesn’t mean mental health ends. Jennifer offers talk therapy to teens, young adults, and adults. She provides individual therapy in-person in her Fairfield office or virtually. Therapy is a time for you to honestly reflect on what is happening in your life. It is an opportunity to check in and remind yourself how strong and capable you are.


Where are you originally from and how long have you been in Fairfield?

I am originally from outside of Boston (Needham, MA) and have been in Fairfield since 2017!



Tell us about your Family!

My husband Rence and I met at Harvard on the first night of college. We started to date soon after and have been together ever since. When we found out we were having my oldest daughter, we bought a house in Fairfield. We have 3 little girls. We like to make dinner together, go to nearby playgrounds, and travel! My husband Rence Coassin is born and raised in Connecticut and owns local residential and commercial security company American Total Protection.



One thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I found out about social work while watching the MTV show “The Real World” when I was 16. I remember thinking “I would love to do that!” I  love hip hop music (past and present). I am always reading. I read books on my phone using the kindle app— when waiting for clients, in the morning when I wake up, and before bed. Best books I have read in the last few years: “The Most Fun We Ever Had: A Novel” by Claire Lombardo and “Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself by Kristin Neff”



One thing you wish someone would have told you about motherhood?

You need to show up for yourself before you can be there for others.  Think of it like when they say on the airplane “put your oxygen mask on first.”  It’s okay if you need a break. It will allow you to recharge and regroup.



What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Fairfield?

I love Fairfield. It’s so family friendly with many things to do. I appreciate all parts of town; it’s cool how you can go for a hike and also to the beach in the same day. There is great energy in Fairfield and I feel so lucky to live here.



Best mom hack that makes your life easier?

Identify people who you trust to be with your kids. Stuff comes up (your toddler gets sick, there’s an early school dismissal, your childcare provider is out) and you need someone to step in and help. Learn to delegate: we cannot do it all and that’s all good! Additionally, carve out time for yourself whenever possible. It will make you a better Mom.

Tell us about your business? when & why and how you decided to start up this business?

My mission is to create a space where clients feel seen, empowered and supported. I opened my business in January 2019. I was a full-time inpatient social worker at Yale Psychiatric Hospital and wanted a job change following the birth of my first daughter. I saw private therapy as an opportunity to get to know clients more deeply. I wanted to help them using a holistic approach that combined my analytical skills from the hospital with my yoga and mindfulness knowledge.



What are some reasons to start therapy?

Perhaps you or someone you care about is feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unhappy. People also start therapy after a major life event (good or challenging), or an an upcoming transition. Others might start from a curiosity around a repeated behavior. We navigate many stressors in this world and sometimes need a little extra support. As a Brené Brown says, “we don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”




Tell us about the different services that you offer:

I offer talk therapy to teens, young adults, and adults. I provide individual therapy in-person in my Fairfield office or virtually. I use therapy methods such as DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). I have extensive training in working with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD and eating disorders. Therapy is a time for you to honestly reflect on what is happening in your life. It is an opportunity to check in and remind yourself how strong and capable you are.


How do you get started with therapy?

You can check out therapists on psychology today (, calling your insurance company or speaking with your or your child’s primary care doctor.





Best advice for moms who experience the inevitable MOM GUILT handling a career and raising a family?

You can’t dance at two weddings! Meaning, you cannot be in two places at once. Once we accept this, the tension between work and home starts to lessen. Additionally, you only have 100% to give, so when you add more to your plate you actually need to give something else up. Consider focusing on quality of time with your kids as opposed to the quantity of time.


Who has most influenced you to be the mom that you are today?

My husband’s childhood babysitter! Friends call her Barbara but we call her Baba. She has coached me on loving, listening, and limit setting with my kids. She is a big proponent on investing time in your marriage and working as a team. I would be lost without her.



What advice would you share with a new mom or other moms?

Count to 5 then respond. This will prevent you from an overreaction and signal to your brain to remain calm.

You are a human and do not need to be perfect.

Today, there are 2.2 billion mothers in the world, which means there are 2.2 billion ways you can parent. You need to do what’s best for you and your family: who cares what other people think.



We love supporting local businesses – favorite places in Fairfield to…

Have Dinner with Family: Old Post Tavern, they are so nice in there!

Grab a Drink with Friends: Artisan

Have a Date Night: Il Pellicano

Spend time together as a Family: Lt Owen Fish Park

Outside Activities: Running around town! It is so runnable here! I like to run to the beach!

Grab coffee: The Starbucks by my office!


Jennifer Coassin
Cell: 617-413-6039
1506 Post Road Fairfield

Humanly Offices above Coldwell Banker


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