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Meet Dr. Michelle Neves, Fairfield Mom and owner of just-opened Sasco Pediatric Dentistry. Pediatric dentists are specialized in providing care for our little ones- big and small and Dr. Michelle’s vision was to provide them with the same “boutique” dentistry experience that many parents have come to appreciate. Dr. Michelle sets her schedule so that she never has to rush a patient or keep another one waiting. Her patients get to see the same doctor visit after visit- something that not only more makes children comfortable, but ensures the best treatment. Add to that , the latest technology, and most importantly an expert team and you have just the start of what makes Sasco Pediatric Dentistry such a welcome addition to Fairfield.

Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in Fairfield? 

I grew up in Westchester and moved to CT after completing my pediatric dentistry residency at Stony Brook University Hospital.  I started practicing in Fairfield in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the town!  My husband and I moved into our little white cape on wedding day in 2016.

Tell us about your family-   

My husband and I both grew up in southern NY and moved to Connecticut at the beginning of our careers.  We are both avid rock and ice climbers and we spent many date nights at Rock Climb Fairfield!  

I am so proud to be the mother of a curious and adventurous 3-year old, Neve, and have a loving, supportive, and very tall husband, Campbell, who was so helpful in getting SPD off the ground.

We all share a love of the water and the outdoors and spend our summers sailing the waters Long Island Sound (and sometimes beyond) and our winters in the mountains of New England. 

Our first fur-baby is our grumpy 12-year old English cocker spaniel named Winston.


One thing you wish someone would have told you about motherhood.     

It’s not what you see on Instagram! My house isn’t perfectly clean all of the time and my daughter doesn’t eat perfectly curated bento box meals- and that’s ok because what matters is creating memories and smiles with your children. As my iPhone likes to remind me, it truly goes by so quickly. 

What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Fairfield-  

We love Fairfield because we can bike or walk to most places!! We often ride our bicycles as a family to the Farmers market on Sundays or for a green Juice at Catch a healthy habit.  We walk to the beach nearly every day and have met so many other young families. There is a real sense of community in Fairfield!

Best mom hack that makes your life easier-  

If brushing your toddler’s teeth becomes a challenge- brush their teeth in their high chair. They may still be wiggly but they can’t run away! 

Tell us about your business, when and why you decided to create this business: 

Sasco Pediatric Dentistry is Fairfield’s state of the art pediatric dental practice which we proudly opened in August. Our office is thoughtfully built to accommodate children from 0 through college years- so even your big little ones will feel like they belong.  The sensory sensitive design helps to calm even the most anxious before entering the dental suite.  

We use  low dose digital X-rays and our digital scanner allows us to take impressions for various appliances  (no messy, uncomfortable impressions).

Recognizing that oral health contributes to overall health, we invested in a CO2 laser for treatments ranging from frenectomies to biopsies.

Health and Safety are at the forefront of our office design.  Rather than an open bay with several dental chairs, we have individual rooms for each child,  for privacy and safety. We painted our walls with Zero VOC paints and we invested in additional built in air filtration every suite.

We believe in meeting your child where they are that day. Some days we can accomplish all we planned , other days it may be less. We’re committed to helping your little one develop the confidence in themselves and trust in us while enjoying their time at the dentist! 


Why you opened. Where are you located. When should kids start going to the dentist . What are other reasons to go to the dentist besides a cleaning or cavity.

Located  on the corner of Post Rd and Sasco Hill Road , We provide families a boutique experience while participating with most Insurances.  We are a single doctor practice with a small team. We know all our families by name and take pride in making every visit a memorable on.

Majority of your child’s first visit is spent talking about your child’s health, nutrition, sleep, oral habits, speech, aversions , sensitivities etc.  

But dental visits are for more than a cleaning – for example , as children  get excited about losing their first tooth, often an adult tooth grows in while the baby tooth is still there (we call them shark teeth! )

Usually, a child can wiggle it out- occasionally it needs to be looked at by a pediatric dentist.


Tell us about your background

I began practicing dentistry nine years ago after completing my pediatric dentistry residency and Stony Brook University Hospital.

Growing up, I spent my summers with my family in Portugal’s southern coastal region called the Algarve, which strengthened my love and connection to the culture  and language, as a result I speak Portuguese and Spanish fluently.  

On a dental mission trip to Trujillo, Peru with Healing the Children, speaking Spanish was invaluable in being able to explain procedures and teach families about caring for their oral health and how it contributes to overall systemic health 

Best advice for moms who experience the inevitable mom guilt, handling a career and raising a family. 

It certainly is challenging. Then again, so is being a stay at home mom.  If having a career is what brings you joy then your kids will see their mom happy and happy moms mean happy kids!  There’s no guilt In that! 

What advice would you share with a new mom or other moms?

Disclaimer: you are doing amazing.  

We tend to do so much for everyone but ourselves.  Make sure you are prioritizing your mental health and doing something for yourself at least once a week. It will only make you a better parent!

Have dinner with family: We love Ginkgo for takeout 

Grab a drink w friends: Grey Goose 

Have a date night : Paci 

Spend time together as a family:  We go to the beach all year round! 

Grab coffee:  we’re home brewers 🙂 

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