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Everyone needs a little organization in there life, and this boss babe does it all for you! She actually gets excited to organize and can’t sleep until she does it, now thats dedication! Minimal is Bliss is how she looks at it and says it so often she named her company after that saying. Read more to hear about this beautiful soul, Brandi!

Where are you originally from and how long have you been in the area?

I was raised in Naples, Florida and went to college in Orlando for two years before moving to the Northeast for college. I never imagined I would wind up in coastal New England but after being in Fairfield for 20 years I truly love it here


Children / Age(s)

Here goes…Dominick 21 Deanna 20 Jillian 18 Joanna 16 and Mia and Anthony almost 4

One thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Probably not much! I’m kind of an open book 🙂

One thing you wish someone would have told you about motherhood?

How it changes absolutely everything in your life. From your head to your toes, inside and out, you become a different person once that little one becomes a part of you. It’s beautiful. And scary. And exhausting. And the hardest, best thing you will do.

Favorite local things to do in Fairfield?

Exploring all the new great places to eat that have opened in town! Just walking around downtown and enjoying this area we live in…it’s changed so much since I first moved here. I love the character of our town.

What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Fairfield?

I love the little parks nestled in the neighborhoods for young children. And for my older kids I like that they had some controlled independence going downtown after school, or walking to the beach with friends.


Do you have a favorite family friendly restaurant?  Date night?

Luigi’s on Post Road has always been a favorite for our family. We have been going there since we moved here, and love the food and that the owners and staff have know our kids and have watched them grow up.

Date night favorite is Barcelona, the service and atmosphere there are wonderful!

What is your go-to activity for your family?  For yourself?

Any chance we get we go the beach to take out the kayak and paddle board, especially early in the morning. Walking the reef at Penfield at low tide is something the twins love as well. They are getting to a great age that we are getting to rediscover activities that the older ones have outgrown.

I have six kids, so anything that gives me quiet time to myself is a great activity!


Funniest part that you’ve learned about parenthood?

I’m still trying to figure out how to find the funny! I tend to take it all way too seriously!

Best mom hack that makes your life easier?

Without a doubt, it’s been keeping our home as minimalist as possible. When we were selling our house to move when expecting the twins we had to declutter and stage our home, and I fell in love with how much easier it was to maintain. The less things I have to deal with in my house the more time I have for my family and myself.

Name one thing you regret when learning the ropes of parenthood and what you learned from it?

I’m sure I will have a lot of things I wish I’d done differently when it’s all said and done, but I hope I have no true regrets because I did the best I could for these six children. I hope I give them what they need, but still gave them enough challenges and chances to learn and grow. The people I most admire are the ones who faced difficulties growing up, and I hope I balanced between supporting my kids and giving them a chance to learn from making mistakes and being challenged.

Tell us about your business, when & why you started, and the reason behind it?

I had been in the dental profession for many years, and while I still truly love that work it doesn’t work as well for my family dynamic now. I had an overnight trip by myself awhile ago, and what did this mom of six do with that alone time? Reread the Marie Kondo book, of course! That’s when it hit me that organizing was the thing I loved doing most. And if I can help other people, especially moms, feel less stress because they have organization in their homes then that would be so wonderful. Clutter is proven to cause stress, and we moms need less things stressing us!

If you hadn’t started this business, what do you think you would be doing today?

I would likely have gone back into the dental field.


Was it hard to start building a brand while you had children?

It’s soo hard!! I have so much respect for the women I see doing it…transitioning from working mom to stay at home mom was harder than I thought it would be, and transitioning back to a working mom feels like starting over but I truly want to help people.


Best advice for moms who experience the inevitable MOM GUILT handling a career and a family?

Ohhh the mom guilt. We want to give our kids the world. But I think having a network of people who love and support your kids, be it friends, family, or caregivers is the best way to balance giving our kids the attention they need.

Who has most influenced you to be the mother that you are today?

This might sound funny, but my husband. His approach to parenting is so thoughtful, fatherhood has come so naturally to him as a father/stepfather. He is always giving support and encouragement, it’s always “You’ve got this!”. Being a mom is not easy. There are times when I feel I’m not doing a good job, but my husband reminds me I (usually!) am. He has a great way of bringing out the best in people, and I value that so much when I’m feeling challenged.

Also I have been lucky to meet so many amazing moms. When I moved here I didn’t know anyone. I had to pick my pediatrician from the phone book! And over 20 years I have been able to build relationships with so many capable, incredible women. I am so thankful for them!

What advice would you share with a new mom or other?

We have been reading and listening to a lot of Jordan Peterson in our house lately, and one thing he says which has really spoken to me is “Treat yourself like someone you care about”. Moms give so much, make sure you are taking care of you, too.


Need that closet or pantry organized?? Or any part of your life? Email Brandi! [email protected]



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