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This week’s meet a mom is Bitsy Woodhull, founder of a custom jewelry design company, BWoodhull Designs. This shop specializes in both custom designs as well as fun, nautical jewelry featuring a few favorite East Coast destinations: Martha’s Vineyard, Fishers Island, Nantucket, Cape Cod, and Block Island. Most designs are made to order so you can customize exactly how you want it. Bitsy is a new mom juggling her own company as well as a full-time job in advertising. Check out below on how she does it all!


Where are you originally from and how long have you been in Fairfield County?

I am originally from a small coastal town, Mystic, CT. After years of living the NYC
life, I moved to Fairfield County in 2020 with my husband Harry. We have been in
love with this town ever since!

Tell us about your family!

Harry and I met through our siblings who are coincidentally close friends! We
both attended St. Lawrence University where our love grew stronger and ended
up getting married during the height of covid in September 2020. We now have a
six-month-old baby boy named Griffin who rocks our world!


What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Fairfield County?

Being close to the ocean! There’s just something so special and uplifting
breathing in that salty air. I grew up in a seaside town and love that my kids will
grow up in one too.


Best mom hack that makes your life easier?

The baby shusher! It is the one thing that immediately has calmed Griffin from birth to even now (6 months old) when putting him in the car seat or stroller when he’s upset.
Couldn’t live without it and is now always part of baby gifts I give.


What’s your advice on juggling both mom life and a full time job (or 2!)

The most important thing in life to me will always be being the best mom I can be! I’m only six months into motherhood but have found that by working full time from home and altering my hours a bit, I can spend more quality time in the evenings with my son. During that time, I try to put technology away and focus strictly on him. I also make it priority to take one wellness day a month where I spend the day having mommy and baby time. It makes a big difference!


What’s your favorite thing to do while Griffin naps?

Naptime has become my special “me” time where I make it a priority to fit some exercise into the schedule. I try to make it a habit of jumping on the Peloton or doing something active as I know how important it is for both mental and physical health. I always feel so much better once I do it!


Tell us about your business, BWoodhull Designs and the inspiration behind it.

I have always loved buying and giving meaningful jewelry that I know will last a lifetime. My company, BWoodhull Designs actually emerged during the pandemic! Long story
short, due to Covid we had to change all of our wedding plans and ended up having a tiny, last minute backyard wedding in Martha’s Vineyard. I desperately wanted a
unique and special 14k gold pendant of MV for a wedding gift from my husband as a remembrance of our wedding day. Surprisingly after searching and searching there was
nothing that caught my eye in town to buy. I was disappointed and ended up coming up with the idea of designing my own. I designed a 14k gold pendant with the island, my wedding date inscribed around it and aqua marine birthstones. I was overjoyed with how it turned out and got compliments and inquiries wherever I went. Fast forward a year later, while pregnant, I had a sudden burst of energy to start my own shop! I get such pride and satisfaction helping customers create exactly what they want or put something like a wedding logo to life. Most of the product designs are made to order so we can customize exactly to your liking.


Where can you find Bwoodhull Designs and how does someone start the custom order process?

You can find our website here: Custom orders are super easy and stress-free! All you need to do is first reach out via email/text/call ([email protected]) with your idea and what you are looking for. If you have something such as a wedding logo or symbol you want engraved onto the pendant, please send us a high-resolution image of it. We will then work together to get the design exactly as you want with stones/no stones, custom writing, etc. and then we will send you a rendering for approval. Once approved, we will start production! Mention Fairfield Moms for 10% off your order!



What are some examples of custom orders you have done in the past?

Some of our custom orders have been alterations to the original 14k gold pendant with the rope border or some are completely different like laser engraving a university crest onto the surface for a graduation gift. One client loved the rope design with diamonds and asked for us to include a fleur de lis with her wedding date and kid’s birthdates around it. Another fun idea was a woman who just got married and really wanted to do something special with her wedding logo. We laser engraved this logo onto a 14k gold pendant and added in her wedding date. Another client loved sailboats and wanted a simple sterling silver pendant with a sailboat in the middle.



What’s your contact information?
Follow us on IG: @bwoodhull
Shoot us a note: [email protected]
Give us a call or send us a text! 860-917-4744


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