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Meet Michael Lux @lux1211, owner of @LuxMediaSolutions here in Fairfield. A Fairfield Prep alumni with a family of four. He is a marketing consultant helping businesses grow and break through. Check out the link in our bio to read more. Visit or call (203) 209-0382 to learn more and get a free & fast media evaluation.

Where are you originally from and how long have you been in Fairfield?

Originally from Monroe, CT. Grew up with an older brother who joined me commuting to high school at Fairfield Prep. That was my introduction to the area. I told myself back then that I’d be back one day, and ended up moving here 7 years ago. 

Tell us about your Family!

At home, I have what’s most important to me. My wife, Jillian, our son Christopher and daughter Emory. Plus our dog Rylan, a 13 year old Tamaskan.


One thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I love to (try to) make people laugh. Have been doing since I was a kid. My son is following me for sure. 

One thing you wish someone would have told you about fatherhood?

Nothing. No additional advice would’ve helped or mattered. Nothing would truly resonate until you experience it yourself. I’m knee deep into it now with 4 and 1 year old, and I can honestly say that I just figured it all out with my wife as it all unfolded! I’m still alive today and that’s a small win.

What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Fairfield?

The overall look, feel and vibe of the town. Mostly the residents. Everywhere you go for the most part is extremely welcoming and very family friendly. Plus, the town is a little mecca for good restaurants & pizza. We also love the school system and access to the beach.

Best DAD hack that makes your life easier?

Evolving game play with toddlers to keep them interested/not melting down. For example, being able to use regular household objects, and turn them into monster truck ramps and/or catapults.

Tell us about your professional background and how it brought you to where you are today:

I started my career in Marketing, bouncing around between a few construction companies. After a few years in, I made the transition into the ad agency world starting at a shop out of South Norwalk. I was extremely fortunate to have been a part of such an exciting time for growth within the media agency and entertainment industries. I had a ton of fun, learn a lot, worked with some of the most well known brands and made life long friendships. About four years ago, I started a new and different venture, by opening up Lux Media Solutions. The idea was to provide – 1) a full service media and marketing agency, and 2) consulting services, whether its for other agencies, brands directly, startups, or small business owners. 

Tell us about your business and when & why you decided to start up this business?


We are a very unique agency in that we offer most services seen at other, more segmented agencies (media, creative, branding, PR, performance, etc). Taking my experience from both small and large agencies, I wanted to build an offering that could help businesses in a variety of ways – whether its through short term consulting, buying & managing ad campaigns, or analyzing data to inform our client’s business decisions. What really makes us unique is our approach and level of service. We know that most businesses don’t always have the luxury to have full, in-house teams managing just their social media accounts. We help identify, solve and plug holes for our clients, while. 


I’ve always wanted to be a marketing consultant back before I started my career. I fell in love with the industry by visiting a local consulting company while attending Fairfield Prep.


Tell us about the different specialities you offer in each business?

We work with established companies – whether they’re local with one location, have multiple locations, regional to national. We also work with start ups, establishing their branding, online presence, funding, web traffic, sales, etc. 


What should we look to see from your businesses in the future?

I plan to start sharing/speaking more locally, on some of the emerging trends in all-thigs digital media. From ai to ad tech, tosharing cool & exciting executions. I’d like to provide the local community with some of this info and content, in hopes it helps spark new ideas for growth, for their businesses. 


Best advice for DADS who experience the inevitable DAD GUILT handling a career and raising a family?

Well, I should say that I’m extremely fortunate to have my office 5 minutes from my house. If I was still working in NYC, I would’ve missed so much. I guess I would tell other dads something that isn’t really original and I’m sure they’ve heard before. But, vitally important in my opinion. No matter what you do for work, if your phone is involved or not, clear your mind as best you can and be present. Be present mentally for your kids in the moment. It’s the only way to really connect in a way they deserve. This will help you avoid the guilt hopefully. 

Who has most influenced you to be the DAD that you are today?

Easy, my dad. The epitome of a good father. 

What advice would you share with a new Dad or other Dad?

Pray for patience.

We love supporting local businesses – favorite places in Fairfield to…

Have Dinner with Family: Pepe’s

Grab a Drink with Friends: Then- Sea Grape. Now- Little Pub

Have a Date Night: Geronimo’s

Spend time together as a Family: any of the local parks, or the beach

Outside Activities: Parties, cookouts, football, soccer, anything with my dog and kids

Grab coffee: Dunkin or Candlewood

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