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With Spring Break right around the corner, we know people are packing up and heading to Disney! So I put together a few helpful hints I just learned!


If you went to Disney when you were younger, do you remember the lines? The craziness? The stress? Probably not. You remember the fun, the memories, maybe even a ride or too. So why as parents should things be different?


Taking my daughter, almost 2, to Disney was always something we knew we wanted to do when traveling to Florida to visit my Mother in Law.  She lives half the year in The Villages, a huge retirement community an hour from Disney (that place is a blog post in itself). It’s not somewhere we always plan on going every year, but to add a day or two there when visiting is a great break in the week and so worth it!


What I learned:

  • Get the Fast Pass. We didn’t have it, but our Aunt and Uncle did so they would sign us up for the long line rides while we went on another ride.
  • Bring food and drinks in – they allow it and you save so much money and time.
  • Get the app WDW Lines.  You can see how long the wait time is for any ride. You have to put the list of rides you want to get to ahead of time, but very worth it.
  • Have a plan! We luckily went with Disney experts that took us to exactly which rides and areas we wanted to go to, but knowing the rides and shows our daughter would like the most and be tall enough for helped!
  • Watch the 3:15 parade near the castle, it’s so good!
  • The first timer and birthday pins are FREE at the first concession stand right when you walk in! This is the area you rent a locker or stroller or scooter, you can’t miss it!
  • Yes you can rent strollers, wheelchairs and scooters, and no, having a wheelchair or scooter doesn’t help you cut the lines. They must have figured people out!
  • Don’t go into Disney thinking you are going to do it all. Lines are crazy, some three hours, with people waiting in them!
  • Not having many expectations of what we were going to do or rides we had to go on made it a lot more enjoyable!
  • Try not to get stressed out! There are A LOT of people everywhere and a lot of deep breaths helped!
  • You would think there would be hand sanitizer stations everywhere. I didn’t see one, but I figured because they’d be refilling them too often, so be prepared.
  • We stayed a night at the Dolphin Hotel, part of the Epcot Hotel.  It was nice to be able to go right to the hotel at the end of a long day instead of driving home.  It was also nice to be able to enjoy the pools the next day.
  • I also thought “Ok we’ll do Disney during the day and then go to Epcot at night”…what was I thinking! A few years ago, pre-kid, we were able to do Disney, MGM and Epcot all in a day.  It’s definitely doable, but do it when you go without kids!
  • Wear that Disney shirt! Never thought I would want do it, but it will excite your kid that you are in the Disney spirit!
  • Take a million pictures. The excitement from a child was unforgettable and I am so glad we did it! Even if she’ll never remember!
  • Don’t miss the firework show at the end of the day! It’s at 9:15pm which is hard, especially with little kids, but it is so worth it!

I know in the future we will go for more days and more parks, but for now this one day was amazing! If you need a Disney expert call Michele Dreiding (she’s a certified Disney Specialist) 203-449-3799 | [email protected]






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