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Mid-January can be a bummer. The omnipresent clouds and ugly wintery mix storms do
little to inspire anyone to do anything. Even if you set the most exciting of resolutions at
the beginning of the month, it’s likely your dedication to them is starting to wane just a
tiny bit. Motivation can be hard to come by when you aren’t seeing the results you want
or, worse, you realize the journey to them is harder than you thought.

The good news is that even if you’re losing steam right now, or walking through what
feels like a fog bank because you can’t figure out what to do next, there’s still a way
through. I’m not a big believer in new year, new you. In fact, I don’t really encourage
lofty resolution practices at all. Making over any part of your life never happens in an
instant. Setting big goals can quickly lead to big disappoint. Instead, I prefer to coach
people to start by making small changes in alignment with your values and moving
forward from there.

As a coach, I help people make sustainable change in their lives that leads them to
more ease and joy. You can call it “manifesting” if you want, (i.e the recent buzzword
with dubious connotations), but it has nothing to do with vision boards. My work is all
about finding the answers within you, and working with your thoughts, emotions, and
actions so you can dream a little bigger for yourself and set goals that are exciting.

So, What is Coaching Exactly?

Coaches help people move forward toward to a goal they’ve set for themselves. The
easiest example to point to is sports coaches, they inspire athletes to perform their best
in competition by meeting regularly for practice and employing other motivational tools. I
do the same thing, but for people who are ready to move forward in life toward what
they seek. Sometimes my clients want to bring some clarity to their bigger pictures,
other times they’re ready for a whole self-reinvention. I work with business owners
ready to take their business to the next level, and wildly successful people who feel that
they’ve plateaued. The reason for coaching is wide-ranging, which makes it incredibly
fun for me. Every deserves to live the life they want, no matter where they are right now.
I like to remind every single person, you’re never stuck in your story, even if you think
you are.

I once had a client come to me and say, “I want to get my act together,” and after three
months she had! She told me it felt like she’d finally cleaned her glasses, and everything
felt bright and clear again. During our sessions I didn’t serve her up any answers I
thought best or shove new-agey rhetoric down her throat. She’d had the answers in
herself all along, I simply teased them out as she made the changes she sought. The
ease and joy she experiences now comes from living her life in alignment with her
values. Of course, life bobs along with all the normal tests and responsibilities, but the
friction, the feeling off constantly pushing uphill and being spread thin, are no longer

As a coach I function as your cheerleader, guide, and impartial observer. I can zoom out
and see how things are being set up for you and why and offer encouragement and
compassion at every turn. So, don’t worry about pesky resolutions and waning
motivation. You can dare to dream of more for yourself at any time of the year. Just
because January is more than half over doesn’t mean you’ve lost any ground. Trust
yourself in 2024, it’s all here for you.

I personally have been working with Kelsey since September. A time when I wanted to get organized, more structured and with reasoning of why. Kelsey met with me weekly or every other because life happens and it was so rewarding. I had no idea what to expect. I have known Kelsey for years and have done workshops with her pre covid and was still getting her newsletters and always intrigued. This was probably the best call I made in 2023. She helps bringing out clarity or what you are doing and the why. There is homework given which helped my clean up and organize my computer, my home and how I am organizing my work. She gives ideas and you figure out together what will work and stick. I highly recommend working with Kelsey to start the year off the right way!

If you’re ready to move forward in 2024, and can’t quite figure out the next steps to take,
you can always reach me at [email protected], or via my website or Instagram @kelseybanfieldcoaching.

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