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On that random Tuesday kids had off after Memorial Day I decided to take my daughter and a friend with some friends and their kids to Lego Land in Goshen, NY which is 1.5 hrs with no traffic. I have been trying to plan this trip to stay the night but after talking to some past visitors this was the best option for my family. So I brought just my 6 year old. I have a 2.5 year old who I know will eventually love it but I am glad I didn’t bring him 🙂


We packed lunches, water and snacks and left Fairfield around 9am. Being that time it took us closer to 2 hrs to get there. I didn’t do much research, just ordered tickets online ahead of time. They open at 10am and offer single day passes and season passes. Ages 3 and up are all the same price and I was able to ride the same rides she did. For most rides it seemed had to be 34 inches tall and if less then 52 must be accompanied by an adult.


It was a warm day and not much shade so definitely bring light clothes, sunscreen and a bathing suit and towel (the water park was the best area)! The first level equipped with gift shops, snack stations a few rides and a good amount of legos built all over (the coolest part in my opinion).  Down to the second level either stairs or a ramp has the better rides, a roller coaster which I am glad my daughter didn’t see because she would have wanted to check it out, but wasn’t tall enough anyway! The driving school, coast guard boat, rogue riders and splash battle were the most interactive! Rogue riders, and splash battle involved water so we got a little wet which felt great. I wore a black dress (because seemed cooler at home) and was sweating most of the day. Very bad on my part and not even the right cool material! It felt like we were on a mountain close to the sun so just be prepared for that!


You have to book your water park time while you are there and can only go when it is available so they don’t have too many people in there. It just opened that day and the kids had a ball and stayed more then their allotted time because wasn’t as busy. We ate lunch after 2 hrs in the park and left the food in the cooler in the car. We paid for VIP parking which just meant parked closer to the entrance and for our case of running out to get the lunches and come back it was smart. We also were all allowed to leave and come back with a stamp so probably could have went to find a place to eat. They do have places to eat scattered throughout the park. We grabbed our lunch and sat at one of their many tables with umbrellas.


We stayed until 4:30 and normally closes at 5pm (summer might be longer). When going from one level to the next you wind around through legos built and bigger then us. It was so cool to see how someone made all of these.


Staying over I have heard mixed reviews. I only think you need a full day there but the hotel would be nice to not have to drive at the end of the day. The rooms also look very fun for the kids. Being that the park closes early you might end up getting dinner at the hotel and not having much to do.

If bringing little ones definitely a stroller to hold everything but it is a good amount of walking. They said they are getting lockers in the future which would be good to put your coolers into. I think for my son I will wait till he is 4 years old so he can walk without complaining or being held because that would have made me sweat even more! There is also so much more to do when you are taller!

Take advantage of all the fun photo ops and of course visit the gift shop! Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!


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