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If you’ve driven or walked by the Brick Walk lately, you can see the beautiful window panels of what is replacing the old BD Provisions hopefully within the next few weeks…NicholsMD of Fairfield!  NicholsMD started in Greenwich, another location at Harbor Point in Stamford was opening, and now they are opening up a location in our very own Fairfield this Spring! NicholsMD of Fairfield is planning to open within the next few weeks and we cannot wait! Last month we got to visit the Stamford location to meet the wonderful women, to see their space, and learn more about what’s to come for their Fairfield location…and I also was able to enjoy one of their services!  Their Stamford location is beautiful and the Fairfield location will be even bigger, so we know it will be amazing!




When I went to visit, I decided on the service of Botox. The ladies of Skin Lab were so welcoming and accommodating and walked me through the process of what they thought would be best for me and my skin. NicholsMD uses a different method of botox in the sense they charge by area, not units. Most places I have learned charge by the units. Their system is different in the sense they don’t want you to feel that you can/should only get a certain amount of units. They want to take care of all the areas you are interested in or might need. In my case, I wanted the forehead, in between the eyebrows (that deep line we seem to get there) and crows feet. I always thought of crows feet as smile lines, but now that I see the difference I will never go back. I hate needles so you will not see any process pics, sorry haha. The ladies were great at making me feel comfortable, giving me a stress ball and my biggest concern (don’t let me see any of the needles they are using). I know they aren’t crazy needles, and I did have two kids, so I should be ok with them, but I still do not like to see!

They clean you up and pull back your hair and the most amazing part was a tool they use. I have never heard or seen this being used anywhere else – it is called a vibrata – it vibrates to distract your muscles. They hold up the vibrata to the area as they do the quick injection and it does distract you as well as your muscles. It was amazing! I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t need to squeeze the stress ball and all of a sudden I was done! It was quick and painless and of course I will be back!




The do a follow up after two weeks to make sure everything looks good and that you are happy. If anything was needed they would do a touch up. This should last 3-4 months and can possibly go longer!


NicholsMD of Fairfield is going to be my go-to and I am obsessed with the results. Stay tuned for more information about them opening!

The treatment itself was Wrinkle Reducer with Botox, it included the forehead, eyebrows, and crow’s feet areas for rested, refreshed, and natural-looking results.

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