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I’m a writer and producer—storytelling is my great love and passion. I moved to New York City
four days after graduating college to pursue a career in magazines and never looked back. The
ride my career has taken me on has been a whirlwind—I have to pinch myself sometimes. I
started out in the teen magazine boom of the early aughts (I was the entertainment editor of
CosmoGIRL!), covering then “up and coming” stars like Britney Spears, NSYNC, Lindsay Lohan
. . .from there, I broke news at Us Weekly, wrote cover stories for publications like Glamour,
worked at MTV, produced radio shows for talent ranging from Candace Bushnell to Deepak
Chopra, wrote books including a middle grade novel called “The Doggy Divas,” produced
podcasts, contributed essays and features to outlets ranging from The Cut (I’m especially proud
of this one on my weight loss journey) to Parents (here’s my collection of clips that many of you
may find helpful) . . . but my favorite? The major leap I took into TV production. I’ve been a
story producer/segment producer/writer for MANY specials and TV shows you’ve seen on
Bravo/Peacock . . . including Galley Talk, Watch with Jax and Brittany, over 30 LIVE panels on
BravoCon 2022’s digital stage, Watch Party with the Toms, Bravo’s VIP (Very Important Pride)
Parade, over 100 “Behind the Episode” editions of shows including Real Housewives, Summer
House, Southern Charm . . . and drumroll please, my latest show premieres on Mon. Aug. 14th
on Bravo—–Couch Talk with Captain Lee and Kate!

Where are you originally from and how long have you been in Fairfield?

A: I grew up in Miami, Florida . .. went to college at the University Of South Florida in Tampa
(Go Bulls and hi to any Sigma Delta Tau sisters reading this!) and moved to New York City in
1999. My husband and I moved to Stamford in 2014 when I was 6 months pregnant . . . then
we closed on our house in Fairfield in March 2020. Yes, literally the start of the pandemic—we
officially moved in June 2020 and love calling Fairfield home!

Tell us about your Family!

A: I’ve been married for 12 years to my wonderful husband Nathanael. Fun fact: our wedding
was split in half thanks to Hurricane Irene. We got married in the midst of the storm (which
ended up being NOTHING more than light rain) on August 27th, 2011 and then had our big bash as it was meant to be on Dec. 3rd, 2011. Nathanael is a firefighter/paramedic for the Wallingford Fire Dept and we have a sassy, creative, 8-year-old daughter Mila. She’ll be in 3rd grade at McKinley this fall.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you?

A: For people who’ve known me my whole life, this it’s a known fact, but it’s always surprising to newer people in my life . . . my IDOL is Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Since 1994 (I have to include that year or the next part of this sentence sounds even more insane) I’ve seen Aerosmith in concert over 50 times. And yes—I’ll be seeing them at the Garden during their “last” tour in January 2024.

BUT, for the record, my career idol is Nora Ephron—my AP English teacher even addressed me as “Nora, Jr.” in her note to me in my 11th grade yearbook.

One thing you wish someone would have told you about motherhood?

A: That with a daughter, you really meet your match. Your best and worst qualities are
mirrored back at you on a daily basis—which means I’m constantly self reflecting while trying
to instill the best in my daughter.

What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Fairfield?

A: THE BEACH. I grew up in the suburbs of Miami but believe it or not, I maybe went to the beach a handful of times. It astounds me that we live in a suburban town and the beach is our backyard—and SO accessible and convenient!! This summer alone my daughter has made some of the best memories of her life having long beach days with friends or just the two of us dipping our toes in the water before sunset—because we can!!!!

Best mom hack that makes your life easier?

A: So this really only applies to a very niche group of moms .. . but my daughter has long,
wavy, thick hair. It’s beautiful but so tough to manage. It can be a full-time job to wash and blow dry it. So, I outsource and take her for a blow out once a week. It gives me back time
(and avoids tears and drama) and it keeps her hair in a state where she can maintain it
herself the rest of the week, giving her a little independence too. But my point? Don’t be
afraid of outsourcing—especially if it gives you back time (and eliminates drama!) with your

By the way, Sam at Lavish Studio is THE BEST! Blow outs/cuts for Mila, color/cuts for me . . .

Tell us about your business, and when & why you decided to start up this business?

A: So many people have told me a variation of the following—they have great ideas for stories
but don’t think they are a good writer, they love to write but feel stuck, unsure or think it’s
too late. And if they have kids, I hear that their kids have expressed a love for reading and
writing but they don’t know how to help them take it a step further.

I’ve taught various workshops over the years (including one at NYU) and am starting to put
together intimate sessions for both kids AND adults in the area. I can organize small groups of
your choosing, put groups together for you or even set up 1:1 workshops. They can be
personalized to your goals and interests—or simply to get your creative energy flowing. I
provide a space that focuses on the art of creativity while encouraging all participants to write
outside the lines. My approach and philosophy is that everyone has a story to tell and no one’s
story is the same. Writing only feels hard when you treat it like a chore instead of a fun and
cathartic way to get to know yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are interested in having me work with your kids—my workshops are
NOT meant for those struggling with writing assignments at school or in need of any type of
tutoring. They absolutely become a more confident writer but I must make clear that what I
do is strictly for fun/extracurricular!

Everyone loves Bravo!? Give us some fun facts or gossip about Bravo or any shows!

A: Well, first of all, I’m proudly a Story Producer on the new show Couch Talk with Capt Lee
and Kate (premiering after Below Deck Down Under on Mon, Aug. 14th). I can tell you that the
chemistry between Kate and Lee is stronger than ever and they are a HILARIOUS duo!
My job allows me to watch a lot of Bravo shows well in advance of when they air—so I can say
with a lot of confidence that the reboot of RHONY is incredible and only gets better, this
season of RHOC should be getting a LOT more credit—what’s to unfold is really awesome and
don’t sleep on season 2 of Below Deck Down Under!

I’ve worked with, interviewed, produced and even hung out socially with many, many, many
Bravo stars over the years. I promise you—what you see on TV is what you get in real life. In
fact, sometimes they are even crazier in person because they are NOT getting edited in a 42
minute show. With that said—yes I’ve met the Toms, and no, was not surprised at ALL about
Scandoval (though it did consume my life LOL), yes, I’m devastated about Kyle and Mauricio
and didn’t see it coming (maybe I just didn’t want to), OVER Teresa AND Melissa but glad they are
both coming back to RHONJ, hear on good authority that we have a HOT season of Salt Lake City on the way . . .

Who is your favorite Bravo Celeb?

A: So hard to choose . . . but here’s a quick rundown . . .
– The Grand Dame aka Karen Huger of Real Housewives of Potomac is on my list mainly
because I have a Voicemail from her on my phone that I’ll never erase. She scolded me
for something I actually didn’t do . . .but I do not care . . . I like to listen to it and
pretend I’m Gizelle.

– I know this sounds crazy but I’m a Virgo and we are a breed that is often
misunderstood and needs to stick together . . . except for Rachel/Raquel Leviss (If
you know, you know), I REALLY understand my fellow misunderstood Bravo Virgos—Lala
Kent, Gizelle Bryant, Tamra Judge and Lisa Vanderpump.

– ALL the Galley Talk (and now Couch Talk) cast (all former/current Below Deck stars)
that I’ve had the HONOR of working with. They are so fun to shoot with, have the best
stories and are always game for the insane creative ideas we come up with for them.
This includes Kate Chastain, Chef Ben Robinson, Josiah Carter, Julia d’Albert Pusey,
Aesha Scott, Kyle Viljoen, Colin Macy-O’Toole, Bobby Giancola, Anastasia Surmava,
Alex Radcliffe and of course CAPTAIN LEE!

Best advice for moms who experience the inevitable MOM GUILT handling a career and
raising a family?

A: Unfortunately, the guilt is always underlying but I never knew how skilled I was at
multitasking until I became a mom. I do whatever I can to make things work—whether that
means getting up at the crack of dawn to finish a big deadline so I can be at a school event
OR relying heavily on my village of family and friends. Planning AND managing expectations in advance really goes a long way. And when my daughter asks me to turn on one of the TV shows I worked on just so she can pause it to see my name in the credits—that alleviates some of the guilt!

Who has most influenced you to be the mom that you are today?

A: My mom. Every time my daughter challenges me, talks back, calls me out . . . I have so
much more respect and understanding of my relationship with my own mom mainly because
I’m seeing my life flash before my eyes and realize what a pain in the ass I must’ve been as a
kid/teen and even adult.

What advice would you share with a new mom or other moms?

A: With all the stress and worrying that comes with being a mom—it’s also so fun and
rewarding. Let yourself have fun with your kids. Be the mom that plans surprise outings or
takes an interest/encourages your kids’ passions—even if they change by the minute.

We love supporting local businesses – favorite places in Fairfield to…

Have Dinner with Family: My daughter is insanely picky but she loves when we have a
breakfast for dinner night at Chips. If it were up to me, I’d rotate our meals between Sophie’s
Pizza Bar, Ralph n Rich, Brick Walk Tavern, Esh and The Chelsea . . .

Grab a Drink with Friends: THE CHELSEA – I dream about their Filthy Martini. It’s all I want
whether I need to celebrate or decompress

Spend time together as a Family: We love planning mini adventures – Mew Haven in New
Haven, checking out museums (the Discovery Museum is a fave), beach days, ice cream
outings to Tabithas, the ropes course at IT in New Haven, watching my daughter bounce to
the ceiling on that trampoline thing in the Trumbull Mall, going into the city to see a
Broadway show . . .

Outside Activities: Love a good farmers market—the Black Rock Farmers Market is a great
way to spend a Saturday morning. And I go to the beach year round. I will drive to Sasco Hill
beach after school drop off in the fall/winter to walk, meditate, recharge before heading to
my office (by the way, I have office space at Werkspace in Black Rock and love the energy
there. I’ve never been more productive!) And I’m obsessed with seeing shows at the Hartford
Healthcare Amphitheater in Bridgeport. What a treat to be outside with drinks and good
music. You don’t even need to like the band that much if you’re with the right people!

Grab coffee: The Granola Bar – Iced Turkish Latte for the win!

RELAX: Gravity Bodyworks is my haven to reset my mind and body once a month. Kerstin
Santa is extremely intuitive and knows what your body needs as soon as you get on her
table—her massages are a non-negotiable part of my monthly self care!
How to contact you if you are mentioning the writing workouts
You can read the full list of my credits and work history on my LinkedIN, see many of my clips
on my Contently portfolio and of course visit my personal website. If you’re interested in having
me create a writing/creativity workshop for you OR your kids, please email me at
[email protected]. And of course, follow me on Instagram at @laurenbwestro.

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