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Driving down the post road have you noticed the corner shop across from Bank of America and next to the Chelsea? It used to be a tanning salon which is now gone, and turned into Kennedy’s Barber Shop and Spa. Now this is not just a barber like you are thinking of, this is more of a Spa and more of a family establishment. Most of their locations are more of a “men’s club” but not this one, they want you to be able to come in with your family and enjoy everything they have to offer. You can get a blowout while your son gets a haircut, you can get a facial while your daughter gets braids done and your husband can go in the sauna while another kid is hanging out in a massage chair. Now don’t get us wrong there are no spaceship chairs for the kids but it is relaxing, modern and very refreshing to have something so great right in our backyard!

We had the opportunity of enjoying blowouts when they opened as well as a tour of the facility and you just want to enjoy all the amenities, how many hours are in a day? The best part about the blow outs are they have monthly packages and a discount for your first one. The hair stylists are awesome, Nadine and Nini are experienced and knowledgeable and give a great head massage while getting your hair washed, which might have been the best part! The owner Rob showed us around and let us know it is BYOB and we discussed different ideas for fun girls night out and date nights. It is very covid safe with everyone wearing masks and sanitizer everywhere, and safety cleaning protocols as people finish a service. We did take our masks off for the facials and sips of wine but felt very clean and comfortable!


I immediately booked a date night (as my husband thinks I just love to pay babysitters). We booked facials (yes guys get them too), blowout for me, haircut and shave for him and it was glorious. We brought a bottle of wine to share and enjoyed our relaxing time there. We waited in the massage chairs which we would love to have at home, enjoyed some wine (which as a BYOB establishment you can leave a bottle of whatever you like there, some men have left some scotch and whiskey to enjoy when they come in weekly). My husband got an old school shave which he needed. Working from home. He hasn’t cared too much about shaving but says how amazing and close this shave gets (a package of unlimited shaves a month is $50, which he loves the idea of), and I have to say looks great.


The facials we both got were heavenly. My husband never got one before and a little unsure says he “can’t believe he’s waited so long to get one” (think it helps that I booked it and he had no say in it). I haven’t gotten one in so long and felt the same that I can’t believe I’ve waited so long. The hot steam as she exfoliates is what my dry skin needed. This weather and mask wearing has not been good for my skin but it feels so refreshed now.

A good blow out for me is something that just makes my life! The thought of not having to worry about my hair for days, especially as a busy mom is something not be taken for granted. The fact that I can be in and out and pampered for a half hour is amazing and lasts a good amount of time. A package is a great deal if you think you will get in at least twice a week which I can definitely handle. My husband and his haircut, again very much needed is also a great package deal and looked great!


The fact that they have a sauna is amazing. A good 20 minutes and you can reap all the benefits; flushing toxins from your body, increasing circulation, reducing the rise of cardiovascular disease, helping with weight loss and relieving stress, who doesn’t need these days?

The Cocoon Wellness Sauna which they also have; and I’ve never seen or heard of before is an infrared sauna pod that utilizes a combination of a dry heat air convection system and a radiant infrared heat system.  The infrared sauna pod contains an ergonomic, vibration massage bed, serene mood lights, and a cooling face air system. Aromatherapy and Himalayan salt enhances the air to provide a refreshing salt breeze during the session.  For additional help in weight management, the infrared sauna pod includes a patented built-in exercise fitness system.

This includes resistance bands of two different resistance levels with cushioned grips. Users can perform H.I.I.T exercises while enjoying their session. My husband went back another day and loved this, I still have to get in for a session. He was in it for 20 minutes, said it was very clean, sanitized (you can smell that it was clean) and said it was so cool to sit there and relax while all of these different options were going on.

The float tank which is my next day date plan (sauna, pool, pod) has so many health benefits as well. Helps clear your mind, improve focus and concentration and promotes an overall state of relaxation.

They are also known to promote muscle relaxation, lower anxiety and improve depression. Everything we need to deal with life these days.

All and all this was a great and relaxing experience and we will be back! While my few trips there I saw a dad and two sons getting haircuts and it was the cutest thing, I should have taken a picture. A guy coming in to use the sauna which he had a package for and just walks right in to enjoy. A woman with a blowout package who uses it twice a week. There is so much going on in this space you can’t believe how it all flows but it does! It’s a great addition to the town and definitely not to be confused with a men’s Barber shop. It was the perfect start to our day date and we went to dinner from there. Also make sure you stay tuned for some fun night out events we have planned for the future there, the space and atmosphere is perfect for a Girls Night Out!

Follow them on Instagram. They have a lot of fun events coming soon @kennedys_fairfield and check out their website to read more about their services and book an appointment!


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