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This week I used a lot of chicken sausage to change it up.  Chicken Sausage Breakfast Frittata, Chicken Sausage Veggie Casserole and Lemon Spinach Scallop Linguine. Bought cold cuts for my husband since he doesn’t care about eating bread, or he can grab leftovers and we’re also still having smoothies in the morning. Not much variety this week, but most items were cooked in under an hour and we should have enough for the week! I usually make enough food through Friday and then Friday night we tend to go out to dinner!

Shopping List
1lb Ground Sweet Chicken Sausage and 1lb Spicy Chicken Sausage (if don’t like spicy then just 2 lbs of any type)
1 white onion
1 bag Snack size peppers (or 4 regular size)
1 package mushroom
1 container of fresh salsa
1 dozen eggs
Spaghetti squash
1lb Scallops
Cappellos Linguine


Chicken Sausage Frittata and Chicken Sausage Casserole (Breakfast and Dinner)

To make the breakfast and dinner items at the same time, I split up the sausage into two pans (I actually used three pans so I can cook some sausage to add to my salads at the same time). The pans looked similar, so just remember which one will be for breakfast and which one for dinner!
Cook the chopped up onion (half in each pan with some olive oil)
Add half of each type of sausage to each pan to brown
While that is browning cut up the peppers and mushrooms
You really can use any veggies you want!
When the sausage is brown add the peppers
I added the mushrooms and spinach only into breakfast and added the salsa and cilantro into dinner
Split the spaghetti squash in half and add black pepper and olive oil and cook for 15 minutes in the instapot
When breakfast was all cooked, I add a dozen whisked eggs and some pepper and left on the stove on medium. After it looked mostly cooked, I put in oven for 10 minutes on 350 degrees.
When dinner was all cooked I added the pulled apart spaghetti squash (15 minutes in the instapot makes it softer and easier to pull then ever was in the oven!). Mixed it around with 2 beat eggs so it holds it all together and bake till eggs are cooked around 30 minutes


The frittata can be sliced into triangles or squares but should be good for the week. Add some avocados and hot sauce to the top for an added kick! The dinner was a little spicy and I added avocado to this meal as well!


Lemon Spinach Scallop Linguine 

You can use any type of pasta but to keep it paleo, I am using Cappellos Linguine or you can use Spaghetti Squash!  You can also use shrimp if you don’t like scallops, I’m just in the mood for some fish this week! This meal isn’t prepped because I don’t want to eat scallops that are cooked a few days earlier, but this is a quick meal to make. If using spaghetti squash you can prep that part earlier in the week!

Use a little olive oil and minced garlic in a pan on medium heat and then add the scallops, with some fresh squeezed lemon juice and cook the scallops. Cook the scallops for 2 minutes on each side, after they are cooked and brown on each side add spinach to the pan, since that cooks quick and will be in the lemon and garlic “broth”, have water boiling at the same time because this type of paleo pasta cooks quickly – follow directions on the box!
Drain the pasta or spaghetti squash and add the scallops spinach and juice to the “pasta” The second night I might take the left over scallops, (not making them all the same night!) and cook with Rao’s sauce and Cappellos Gnocchi. I got 14 big scallops which was a pound, so I know we won’t be eating 14 scallops in one night!


Energy Bites

For a sweet snack, I threw in the food processor – dried cranberries, almonds, hazelnuts, almond butter, pitted dates, and shredded coconut. Processed until smooth and mixed together. Then rolled into balls and put in the fridge.  It made 25 energy balls. This is a great sweet snack when craving something sweet and trying to be good!
(If breastfeeding add rolled oats to these!)


Keeping up with the consistency of Paleo meals and everything can be changed up a bit if you don’t always eat Paleo! Always trying to make simple meals that will make a lot so we don’t have to worry all week!


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