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With the kids settled into school, Fall is the perfect time to seek help with those last few inches that you can’t seem to lose. Body Contouring specifically can be the answer to reshaping those areas of your body that simply aren’t responding to diet and exercise. The most common body contouring technique is liposuction, and, utilizing the latest and most advanced products, your recovery is fast, so you can get back to your life ASAP. The sooner you act, the sooner you’ll look fantastic. Here are a few popular options available from Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg:

If you have been considering a Tummy Tuck (post-pregnancy or for weight loss), this procedure can have you in great shape in a very short period of time, and you can show off your new look well before the Holiday Season. SmartLipo is ideal for the neck, jaw line, arms, breasts, “bra fat”, abdomen, “love handles”, “saddlebags,” inner and outer thighs and knees.

You may also consider CoolSculpting®, a body sculpting, fat freezing; non-surgical procedure that reduces inches quickly! CoolSculpting® can freeze fat from the abdomen, love handles, buttocks, thighs, arms and chin with no downtime. This new non-invasive procedure can make significant improvements in your appearance by reducing inches quickly. Most people see results after just one treatment. CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared and studies show an average of 22% fat layer reduction after the first procedure.

Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery is currently offering a 20% discount off of two areas. Combine with the latest device Emsculpt® to tone and build muscle for a more sculpted result.

Dr. Stephan T. Greenberg


Dr. Greenberg invented the Modern Mommy Make Over to address the changes that pregnancy makes on the body. As many women elect to start a family at an older age, pregnancy, and especially repeated pregnancies, can stretch and distort the breasts and abdomen and cause spider veins, stretch marks, broken capillaries, acne and more. If childbirth has made some changes to your body that you would like to correct, the Modern Mommy Make Over provides the right combination of tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift with or without implants and vaginal rejuvenation to restore your body and regain confidence.

Diet and exercise are the best ways to help stay healthy and keep in shape, but supplementing a healthy lifestyle with cosmetic surgery procedures will leave you in the best shape that you can be in…healthy and beautiful, both inside and out! It’s time to feel comfortable and show off that terrific figure this fall!

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg offers complimentary consultations at his Woodbury, Southampton and Manhattan offices.  To schedule an appointment, or request additional information, call 516-364-4200 or visit


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